12 Breath Taking Quotes To Inspire Entrepreneurs

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Transcript of 12 Breath Taking Quotes To Inspire Entrepreneurs

  • Entrepreneurs

    Breath Taking Quotes12 to inspire

  • Own a business.It's tough to ...

    Some days we're...

  • WalkingTALL

  • and others :-(


  • " When you expect things to

    happen - strangely enough - they

    do happen."

    - J.P. Morgan

  • "Things may come to those who wait,but only the things left by thosewho hustle." - Abraham Lincoln

  • - COMMON

    "The karma of the streets is...

    Needs & Takes."

  • "Theonlyplacewheresuccesscomesbeforeworkisinthedictionary."


  • "Talent is universal; opportunity isnot."

    - familiar saying

  • Stay the course. Stay in position

    to win no matterwhat.

    - Stan Richards

  • No person will make a great business whowants to do it all himself or get all the credit.

    - Andrew Carnegie

  • Your culture is yourbrand.

    - Tony Hsieh


  • Listen to customers, listen toemployees, and shut up and dowhat they tell you... "

    - John Legere

    "It's really not thatcomplicated."

  • It takes 20 years to build areputation and five minutesto ruin it. If you think about

    that, youll do thingsdifferently.

    - Warren Buffett

  • Never interrupt your

    enemy when he is making

    a mistake. - Napoleon Bonaparte


  • Im not abusinessman; Im a business, man.

    - Jay Z

  • Take the first step.