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Transcript of 115,000 Ø ® ñ ñ ³ ~ 115,000 DWT Aframax Crude Oil · PDF file...

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    : 3001 : 200137 Address: No.3001 Zhouhai Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai 200137, China

    • Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. • Telephone: +(86) (21) 3886 4500 (Switchboard) • Fax: +(86) (21) 5848 0446 • E-Mail: [email protected]

    115,000 DWT Aframax Crude Oil Tanker 115,000

    Tank Top

    Profile Typical Section

    Upper Deck

  • Main Particulars Length, overall 总长 abt. 250.00 m Length between perpendiculars 两柱间长 239.00 m Breadth, moulded 型宽 44.00 m Depth to Upper Deck, moulded 型深 21.00 m

    Designed draft, moulded 设计吃水 13.50 m

    Scantling draft, moulded 结构吃水 15.00 m

    Deadweight at designed draft 设计吃水处载重吨 abt. 99,800 mt

    Deadweight at scantling draft 结构吃水处载重吨 abt. 114,600 mt

    Cargo tanks including slop tanks 货油舱舱容包括污油舱 abt. 130,000 m


    Water ballast tanks including peak tanks 压载水舱舱容包括尖 舱 abt. 41,200 m


    Heavy fuel oil tanks / low sulphur tank including settling and service tanks abt. 3,150 m3 重燃油/低硫油舱舱容包括澄清舱和日用舱 Diesel oil tanks including service tank 柴油舱舱容包括日用舱 abt. 200 m


    Marine gas oil tanks including service tanks 船舶汽油舱舱容包括日用舱 abt. 160 m


    Fresh water tanks 淡水舱舱容 abt. 400 m


    Service speed (designed draft, at 90% SMCR with 15% sea margin) abt. 14.80 kn 服务航速

    Fuel oil consumption (only M / E, at NCR) 燃油消耗量 ( 仅主机 NCR 时 ) abt. 42.9 mt / day

    Endurance (service speed) 续航力 (服务航速) abt. 18,500 n.m.

    Complement (total) 28 Persons + 人员配置 (总数) 6 Suez crews

    Classification DNV +1A1, “Tanker for oil ESP”, CSR, E0, VCS-2, CLEAN, PSPC (B), SPM, TMON, BIS. Or equivalent notation for other Classification Society

    Main Engine Model and number 型号和数量 1 x MAN 6G60ME-C9.2-Tier II

    SMCR 持续输出功率 12,400 kW x 92 r / min

    NCR 常用输出功率 11,160 kW x 88.8 r / min

    Generators & Cargo Oil Pumps Cargo oil pumps 货油泵 3 x 3,000 m

    3 / h

    Main diesel generators 主柴油发电机 3 x 900 kW

    Emergency diesel generator 应急柴油发电机 1 x 150 kW

    Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. 115,000 DWT Aframax Crude Oil Tanker


    General Description The Vessel shall be an ocean going crude oil tanker suitable for carrying crude oil having flash points at or below 60°C (Closed Cup Test) driven by a slow speed marine diesel engine.

    The Vessel shall have a fully welded continuous upper deck, a raked stem with bulbous bow, a transom stern with stern frame, a semi-balanced rudder and fixed pitch propeller.

    The propulsion machinery and living quarters including

    Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

    Navigation Bridge shall be located aft as shown on the General Arrangement Plan.

    该船为适于载运闪点不高于 60℃ (闭杯试验)的原油,低速船用柴油机推 进的无限航区油船。本船有一层全焊接的连续上甲板、带球艏的倾斜艏



    SWS 115K Tanker-B (V1 14.4.12 JN).pdf SWS 115K Tanker-F (V2 21.4.12 JN).pdf