113MC - Comparing And Contrasting Two Magazine Shows From Jaz Sampla.

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113MC - Comparing And 113MC - Comparing And Contrasting Two Magazine Contrasting Two Magazine Shows Shows From Jaz Sampla From Jaz Sampla

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113MC - Comparing And Contrasting Two Magazine Shows From Jaz Sampla Slide 2 Ill be comparing two General Magazine, from the two rival TV channels ITV(This Morning), and BBC 1 (The One Show) About The Show This show is an entertainment show, which is currently hosted by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. It's a day time TV program. The show is live on 10:30 on the weekdays, but special feature clips of the previous week show is aired on the weekends. Running time 120minutes Producers: Granada Location: The London Studio This is a topical magazine-styled television, with current presenter Christine Bleakley with Matt Allwright, Paul Merton (temporary) It's an evening time TV programme The show broadcasts live on BBC1 at 7pm, with a running time of 30minutes. Production Company: BBC London Slide 3 Audience The show interacts with his audience with asking them questions, and to reply them back my texting or emailing, and through the show the audience share their personal opinions on the covering topic. Technology has been used such as twitter, to get audience to interact, there's the website were they can join more quiz and gossip and leaving their comments (Read website) The overall feel of the show is very comfortable as it is targeted to female, young. It gives the impression as if your talking and interacting with a friend, also the view of the studio gives this impression (Read Studio). Slide 4 The audience of this show mainly interact by via emails to the guests and presenters. There are no audience in the studio. Even on their website theres minimum opportunities for the audience to participate (Read Website). Comparison This Morning has more opportunities for the audience to participate, than The One Show. The audience can have a direct interaction with the presenters. But he one show has no direct intercation, but audience can email the show. Slide 5 Contents Of The Show Breaking news stories Live topical discussions Human-interesting stories Lifestyle feature Cooking Fashion GP advice Fitness expert It covers a variety of mixed story Usually followed by discussions with reporters, experts and the guest. The guest would usually have a short interview, and has either a book, CD or DVD to promote. The contents of the show would remain pretty much similar, but the topics would change. Here are the following contents of each show. Slide 6 Comparison both magazine programs stick to a similar format each day. The difference is that This Morning has more content. This is because the show is 90minutes longer compared, so therefore This Morning has more to give so it entertains us for longer. Slide 7 Studio Look This Morning look is very feminine from its sofa to coffee table and back curtains, because the show is targeted towards women/young. So giving this comfy home-like look, gives the audience the feeling they are at home gossiping with a friend. Also including kitchen and garden. In comparison to This Morning, it's quite plain. All it really has is 2 sofas one for the guest and one for the presenters. In the centre there Is a coffee table and a big TV. Slide 8 Website Look The website has a really girly-look to it. Its pink and colourful. Also there is so much an audience can do, for eg: Daily poll Watch the highlights Style and Beauty Home/Garden etc... The website in comparison is very plain with a red border and white background and blue writing. There's not much for to do on the site. There are not many thing were the audience can interact with. Slide 9 Which One I Like Personally I would prefer watching This Morning than The One Show, because its more entertaining and it's lighthearted-feeling gives a friendly nature. It's got a relaxed aura to it were I would like to sit down relax and absorb some gossip. Whereas with the One Show it wasn't all gossip, most the times it felt more newsy. Also the presenters didn't look fun like in This Morning.