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This presentation is about the 11 solar projects that are making an impact on the developing world

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1. Eliodomestico Solar StillThis award-winning solar household still was developed by Gabriele Diamanti, an Industrial Designer.

He designed this solar domestic apparatus for developing countries with limited or no access to fresh drinking water.

The solar apparatus produces up to 5 liters of water per day. Amazing?

I think this man is generous enough to come up with something like this or should I say he’s a pure genius?

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2. LuminAID LightThe founders of LuminAID, Anna Stork and Andrea Shreshta, came up with this idea of a solar-inflatable light when an earthquake hit Haiti back then in 2010.

The light has been designed for those people who have been affected by disasters, crises and conflicts.

In the past years, the light has been used in humanitarian relief in the wake of the hurricanes Isaac and Sandy.

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3. Sun King Greenlight Planet

This line of products from Sun King are the most useful solar powered built-in mobile charging unit.

This device come with high-performance batteries that can last up to 5 years, and either a real-time LCD or LED screen displaying the feedback for power.

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4. Artificial LeafThis “artificial leaf”, is a silicon wafer that mimics real leaves by creating energy from sunlight and water.

An amazing fact is that when you put one of them in a quarter of water, it can provide up to 100 watts of energy per day.

This idea is of a biochemist named Daniel Nocera.

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5. Panasonic Solar LED Lantern

This solar LED lantern was revealed by the tech giant, Panasonic, back in October 2013.

This lantern was first launched in Kenya, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Malaysia, followed by other countries.

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6. SunSaluterThis device was invented by Eden Full, a 21 years old undergraduate from Princeton University.

The usefulness of this device is that it rotates solar panels toward the sun throughout the day and that too without a motor.

It is an inexpensive device which can be built by anyone!

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7. Portable Light ProjectThis project enables people in developing countries to create energy-harvesting textiles which they can adapt to their own needs.

For example, people can weave the flexible photovoltaic cells into bags they carry around during the day, harvesting sunlight, and open it up to light their homes at night

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8. D.light S20This device has been created to replace kerosene lamps in off-grid households.

It is user-friendly, and most of all, it is functional for a wide range of people.

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9. ReadySet Power SystemThis system was originally designed for African entrepreneurs, by the Fenix International based at San- Francisco.

The rugged power system is able to generate the most power at the lowest cost.

It can power lights, radios and mobile phones with only 8-10 hours of charging in direct sunlight.

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10. SunwaterThis solar irrigation system is geared towards poor farmers. It was led by its founder Paul Polak.

This irrigation system brings water to a one-hectare plot, increasing cash crops and, in turn, income

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11. Gravity LightThis device is slightly different than the others on this list. This is because it uses solar energy as backup instead as a primary source.

It has raised nearly $400,000 on Indiegogo.

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Bonus: SOCCKETThis is just too cool not to include on this list. It is a soccer ball that doesn’t use solar energy.

The ball is slightly heavier than a regular soccer ball.

30 minutes of play with it, can power a LED light for more than three hours.

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