10x in 20 months 10x in 20 months growing 5% per week

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Transcript of 10x in 20 months 10x in 20 months growing 5% per week

  • 10xin 20 months

  • 10xin 20 months

    growing5% per week

  • Seed RoundSeries A10xin 20 months

    growing5% per week

  • Traffic: 4x in 1 year

  • Traffic: 4x in 1 year

  • # of Groups: 4x in 1 year

  • Why? Because communities love itUsenetEmail ListsYahoo, Google GroupsCMS, Forum, Wiki PlatformsFacebook Groups Limited Functionality Get one, get all (not modular) Lack of Design Flexibility No monetization Meant as badges more than group interaction No monetization Walled Garden No Flexibility No Social Infrastructure Maintenance & installation hassles Spam No Single Sign-On No Unique Interface

  • Responds to 4 basic needs of groups Conversation Sharing Collaboration Collective Action

  • 5 breakthroughs Rich Functionality Full Flexibility Revenue Share Easy to use Born to be Viral


  • Rich Functionality

  • Rich Functionality // via SOCIAL BEANS

  • Full FlexibilityDataincludes user and backend datavia Elastic ModulesTM and intrAPITMLookincludes front-end elements such as template and skinvia OpenTemplateTMFunctionincludes front-end elements such as template and skinvia GROU.PS API and Open Source Platforn (will be replaced by Facebook Platform by 2Q10)

  • Full Flexibility

    For AdminsFor UsersOpen-Source +FB Compatibility (2Q10)Hook your own services Ultimate in functional extendibilityNo duplicate account maintenanceAPI Add your own widgets and appsRich functionalityRich functionalityOpen TemplateFull front-end customizationDifferentiated branding and usability optimizationSense of belonging and uniquenessElastic Modules + intrAPIFull back-end customizationFull-powered web utilitySense of belonging and uniqueness

  • Monetization, Revenue Share

  • Easy to use

  • Born to be viral

  • Born to be viral

  • Born to be viral

  • Born to be viral

  • Born to be viral

  • Babysteps of the 4th Social Revolution

    Online DatingSocial NetworkingBusiness NetworkingDIY Social NetworkingPlayersmatch.com, eHarmony, meetic, plentyoffishFacebook, MySpace, bebo, vkontakte.ru, mixi, netlogXing, LinkedInGROU.PS, NingViralityNOVERY HIGHHIGHHIGHChurn RateVERY HIGHVERY LOWLOWLOWModeration CostsHIGHVERY HIGHHIGHVERY LOWBusiness ModelsSubscriptionAdvertising (also virtual currency and more)Subscription, AdvertisingPremium Features, Subscription, Advertising, E-Commerce

  • Ning vs GROU.PS

    NingGROU.PSCustomizationSOMEMORE Open Template, Social Beans, Elastic ModulesMonetizationSOMEMORESubscription, E-Commerce (2Q10)ViralityHIGHHIGHERFacebook Connect, Y! GroupsChurn RateVERY HIGHLOWERActivityRankModeration CostsHIGHLOWERActivityRank PipelinesBusiness ModelsPremium Features, Advertising+ Subscription, Transactions (Affiliated E-Commerce, Funds 3Q10)CostsHIGH: 200+ total headcountLOWER Turkey

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