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Transcript of 101 Marketing Quotes Final

  • 1. 101! ! Marketing! Quotes! @HubSpotTWEET EBOOK!!
  • 2. If you wait until! there is another! case study! in your industry,! you will be " too late.! SETH GODIN! KEYNOTE SPEAKER! AUTHOR OF PERMISSION MARKETING! TWEET EBOOK!!Image Credit: Josep Ma. Rosell
  • 3. People share, read and! generally engage more with! any type of content when! its surfaced through friends " & people they know and trust.! MALORIE LUCICH! FACEBOOK SPOKESPERSON!Image Credit: Fr. Stephen, MSC
  • 4. No matter what, ! the very rst piece of! social media real estate! Id start with is a blog.! CHRIS BROGAN! KEYNOTE SPEAKER! FOUNDER, NEW MARKETING LABS!Image Credit: Colette Cassinelli
  • 5. Instead of !one-way interruption,!Web marketing!is about delivering!useful content!at just the precise!moment that!a buyer needs it.!DAVID MEERMAN SCOTT!MARKETING STRATEGIST!AUTHOR OF THE NEW RULES OF MARKETING AND PR! Image Credit:By SeLmAn pInArLI
  • 6. Increasingly, the mass marketing is turning into! a mass of niches.! CHRIS ANDERSON! AUTHOR OF THE LONG TAIL!Image Credit: FishTech
  • 7. !!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! !When you enchant ! !People, your goal ! ! !is not to make money ! ! !from them or to get them! ! !to do what you want, ! !but to ll them " ! !with great delight.! ! ! GUY KAWASAKI! ! FORMER CHIEF EVANGELIST, APPLE! CO-FOUNDER, ALLTOP.COM! ! ! Image Credit: Purple Phoenix
  • 8. Remarkable social !media content and!great sales copy are !pretty much the same"plain spoken words!designed to focus !on the needs!of the reader, listener, !or viewer.!BRIAN CLARK!FOUNDER, COPYBLOGGER!Image Credit: Chiceaux
  • 9. The next time you hear "a social media myth, question it. !Ask for the proof,!and ask out loud.!DAN ZARRELLA!SOCIAL MEDIA SCIENTIST!HUBSPOT!
  • 10. Bring the best of your authentic self to every opportunity.! JOHN JANTSCH! AUTHOR OF DUCT TAPE MARKETING!Image Credit: snre
  • 11. There are no magic wands,!no hidden tricks,!and no secret handshakes!that can bring you!immediate success,!but with time, energy, "and determination!you can get there.!DARREN ROWSE!FOUNDER, PROBLOGGER! Image Credit: Hryck! !
  • 12. Your culture is your brand.! TONY HSIEH! CEO, ZAPPOS.COM!Image Credit: TerryJohnston TWEET EBOOK!!
  • 13. Focus on the !core problem !your business !solves & put out!lots of content "& enthusiasm,!& ideas about how !to solve that problem.!!LAURA FITTON!FOUNDER, ONEFORTY.COM! Image Credit: Machine Project
  • 14. Image Credit: Kevin N. Murphy You cant just ask! customers what! they want and! then try to give! that to them.! By the time you get it! built, theyll want! something new.! STEVE JOBS!!! CEO, APPLE!!
  • 15. The biggest mistake we see ! companies make when they rst! hit Twitter is to think about it ! as a channel to push out information.!TIM OREILLY & SARAH MILSTEIN!CO-AUTHORS OF THE TWITTER BOOK! Image Credit: LarimdaME
  • 16. TWEET QUOTE!! Clarity trumps persuasion.! DR. FLINT MCGLAUGHLIN! DIRECTOR, MECLABS!Image Credit: fox_kiyo
  • 17. Dont be afraid to get!creative and experiment !with your marketing.!MIKE VOLPE!CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER!HUBSPOT!
  • 18. You need the kind of !objectivity that makes !you forget everything !youve heard, !clear the table, !and do a factual study !like a scientist would.!STEVE WOZNIAK!CO-FOUNDER, APPLE!
  • 19. Image Credit: Fotographia GuerillaMake the customer!the hero of yourstory.!ANN HANDLEY!CHIEF CONTENT OFFICER!MARKETINGPROFS! TWEET QUOTE!! EBOOK
  • 20. the Internethas turned whatused to be acontrolled, one-way messageinto a real-timedialogue withmillions.!DANIELLE SACKS!WRITER, FAST COMPANY!
  • 21. Image Credit: BethanIn todaysinformation ageof Marketing andWeb 2.0, acompanyswebsite is thekey to theirentire business.!MARCUS SHERIDAN!AUTHOR OF THE SALES LION BLOG!MARKETING SPEAKER!
  • 22. The way you can understand! all of the social media! is as the creation of! a new kind of public space.! DANAH BOYD! SOCIAL MEDIA RESEARCHER! MICROSOFT!Image Credit: ghirson