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"The Astrologer's Who's Who". Contains natal data for 1001 people, including many historical figures, etc. Alan Leo's Astrological Manual No. 11.

Transcript of 1001 Notable Nativities-Alan Leo (1917)

.***********************{FIRST TEMPLE OF ASTROLOGYCLASSES EVERY TUESDAY733 South Burlington AvenueP.O. Box 57282lOS ANGELES 57, CALIFORNIAf***********************iZtnith or SOUTH POUtr,Nadir or NORTH POINT.00D.lt,fJ.'1 Dlt.aa,fJ.4' 'i'*9,*,J.Q2J,I.Itt.*1.V 1iI1.'i',a2/.9*4.1.0. l'D, 4JfJ.D, *\1, *tl, *IV, a]). * 11, * 2 C2 F2 M5 f4 e- tl3 W2MfJP No. 1001: DR SVEN HEDIN, the'Explorer,Alan Leo. Astrelogical Manual., No. 1 I.A Thousand and OneNotable Nativi ties"THE As'rROLOGER's 'WHO'S WHO'"l!'OUH.'l'H EDITION, WJ'l'H con.H.E(.. ETC. PUBLISHING CO.,11 EAST CLAREMONT "TREET, EDINBURGH.MAllE AND PRINTED IN GREAT BRl'l'AJN BYTHE WOMEN'S PRINTING SOCIETY, LTD.,31-35, BRIC:K STREET, PICOADILr.y, LONDON, W.vINSTRUCTIONS.AGAINST each enlry will be found a NUMBER, and on turningup this number in the later portion of the book, the Housecusps and Planets' places of the horoscope will be found.Most of the horoscopes in this book are indexed under thenative's surname, and only exceptionally under title or rank,but this rule bas Dot been followed universally. Therefore,il is advisable to look for Cardinals. Popes, Princes. etc..under C, P, etc., as well as under christian or surname.Where tbe native is a Duke, or of Royal blood, look alsounder dukedom or country. Thus, Nicholas IL, Czar ofRussia, is indexed under R, the Prince I rnperial under P,Rudolf of Austria under A, the Duke of Sforzia under S.Foreign and Indian names should be looked for uoderbothchristian and surname. Possible variations of names shouldalso be borne in mind. e.g., Giulio (or Julius, Hieronymus forJerome, etc. etc. Sometimes a map which cannot be foundunder one name or title may be indexed under another. Forexample. the Princess Stephanie of Belgium became theCrown Princess of Austria by marrying the Archduke Rudolf.For further particulars see some Explanatory Notes onp.lOO.A list of Abbreviations is given overleaf."jABBREV1ATIONS USED IN THIS BOOK. }=TheAstrolottr's Annual for 1906'78'9 respectively.AG=Almanach de Gotha. 1903.A I = A strology as it Is, Not ITS it has bUH Represented, by ACavalry Officer, london, 1856.AM i '9=Th, Ilstrologer's Magazin" Vol. I. (Aug 1890Ju1y 1891),p. 29. Similarly otber vols.b=born.ba;::: birthplace approximate, or where not explicitly statedassumed from context of information supplied.C= Cardao, Jerome (Hieronymus); Opera, Vol. V., Lugduoi,1663.CE=Comi"g EVM1s.-i Oct 1896Sep 1897, ii 07'08, iii 08'09,iv 09'00, v ooor.CG=CollectJo Gellitural'wm, by John Gadb.ury, London, 1662.d=died.F=The Future, ed. by Zadkiel. i;::: FebDec, 18g2; iiJan.Dec. 1893./b=time as stated in tbe Family Bible.G=Gauricus. Lucas; 0txnml. Omlliu,", vol ii, Basilicce,IS75. The same maps ;{re given in his TractatusAstrologicu8, Venetiis. 1542.Ha=The Horosrope, 1834, ed. by Zadkiel.Hb= II tI 1841, ., IIHil =Tlte Horoscope, a quarterly ed. by Ireton, VoIs. iHii and ii, Oct 1902July 190",H]N i, ii= How to J-urlge a Nativity, Par' 1., Part 11. (FIRSTEDITION).H]N I, II= .. (SECOND. EDITIOH).J=junctinus (Giuntini), Sj>lcJ..-m voL itLugduoi, 1583.viiK=The Key to you,. OWH Nativity, 1910.MA i 2g=Modm. Astrowgy, VoL J. (OLD SERIES) [Ang 18g5July18g6J, p. 2g. See MA 129 below.MA I Astrology, Vol. J. (NEW SERIES) [Jan. Dec, '9041,p. 29. See MA i 29 above. (Similarly with other vcrs.and pages.)MS=" A Collection of 30 Remarkable Nativities, by Placidnsde Titus," trs. and carefully revised by M. Sibly, 1789.NS=New Style of Chronology, i.e.} Gregorian Calendar asat present in use. .OMM=OldMooYt's Monthly Messenger, Oct Igo7Dec IgIO.OS=Old Style of Chronology, i.e., Julian Calendar (stillretained by Russia).ps=information supplied from Private Sources.,q.v.=quod vide, which see.r= Eo or retrograde.RE=Raphael's Ephemtris for yeat stated.RPM= Raphael's Prophetic Messenger for year stated.s=St. or statiollary: sr, stationary bot becoming retrograde,sd, stationary but becoming direct.s.h. or } =a u speculative" horoscope. arrived at by calculationspec hor when only the day and not the time of birth is ascertainable.Sph=The Sphinx, an American monthly edited by CatherineH. Thompson: Vats. i and ii, July 1899 to June 1900.SS=The SOliZ aNd the Stars by A. G. Trent (nom-de-plum.eof Dr. Richard Garnell). reprinted 1894 from UniversityMag,uine for March, 1880.ta=time approximate. Thus if information given is "aboutsunrise" the map is calculated accurately for exactsunrise, but the letters ta are added; similarly in othercases.tu=time uncertain, i.e., time for which map is calculatedis believed to be the birthtime, but tbe person 6upplyinginformation is Dot certain.TB i, u=T,,,,, Book of Astrowgy, Vols.. I. and II., by Alfred J.Pearce (Zadkiel 11.).U=Urania, jao.Sep 1880, ed. by A. J. Pearce.W= When and Where of Famous Men and Women (Routledge,,/-).viiiCONTENTS. ALPHAIlETICAL LIST OF NAMES.page ]00" 124'0 130'0 130page 117'" u8" il9.. 123.. 1001021415I07108'09IIO1I21I3"3"4ALLA LUCKLESS YOUTH: a constaot train 01 accidents-run over. COII;\r-bone broken (twice), bowels operated on (twice). is subject to fits(continue for bours). feU into canal and nearly drowned, elC., ete.-MA VI 285.A PRINCE who may become a musician (Prince George).-"'A VII 29t.A REMARI:ABLK NATIVITY: see Peary, Marie AABBAS EFFENDI, acknowledged bead and cbier of tbe 13a.bi s90pages1- 495- 99100-114115-u 6117-]30ALPHABETICAL INDEX OF NAMESHOUSE CusPs AND PLANETS (in. nU"1t"i,al ordtr)50"'E EXPLANATORY. NOTESArrangement of the BookThe Pur-pose of the BookAuthentic Hor-oscopesThe Plan Adopted ..Nativities of Pr-omincnt People ...A Word on Speculative HoroscopesHoroscopes Copied from Old BooksMajor Planets 1800-1910, "Isis," etc.Discrepancies in DatesGeneral Accuracy or Bir-tb TimesAbbreviations. Rerer-ences, etc.A SuggestionAn AppealON THE TABULATION OF HOROSCOPESNo"TES TO SECOND EDITIONAs regards Accuracy... ..Concerning some Recommendations.. Whose Horoscope is it? '0 TableIndistinct NumbersConections. etc. concerningmaps Nos :-OJa 066 159 386 730 972034 096 228 387 856999040 I03 429 867'059 153310663869Cooperation Invited . Astrology .*'** For abbreviations' Stt p. vi. ::,*:,'tALL2AUS AUS3BAR.conviction that thereby she would dra.w attention to her boOk and tothe lesson she intended it 10 teach: (slue hor).-MA III 75-ALL PLA,NBTS IN ONR QUADRANT: see Hamilton, Carmen Sylva.386 ANARCHISTS. BENGAL, SUI'POSED LEADBR at": see Gbose. Mr. Aurobindo;see also P. B. Oa5.'18 ANNE, Queen of Hungary and Bohemia. b. 2".7.15). Had 4 sons, IJdaughters, and died in giving birth to a twelfth.-CG .250 .. ANSWERS, MR.": see Fitzgerald. .033 APHOREL: Co-editor, witb Alan Leo. of the Astrologer's Mag4zine189O-96.-AM iv 10.394 ApPEL, DR. LoUISE: well-known Theosopbist. translator of TIle InherelltLaw of Life. by Dr. Kleinschrod (q.v.).-MA VI 346.120 AQuEOUS TUMOUR, AND LOSS OF IIAm: underwent operation {orabdominal watery tumour at 17. perfeclly bald even to eyebrows(female).-lI1A ix 39.025 ARGYLL, DUCHESS Oil (Princess Louise).-AM II 526; Til i 52; U 93.054 .. \VONDl!R " (Charles Trippe): born without arms, uses feetfor all purposes, writes a.ud draws admirably.-MA i 131.088 WARD (Cbarlcs Farrar Brown).-MA iv I18.159 ARUNDRL AND SURRH:Y, EARL OF; 1St son of Duke of Norfolk: died in1902 aged 23, born blind, deaf, dumb and lame, the gamut of sensa-tion limited to laste, smell and touch, intellectual capacities exceedingly limited, practically an imbecile.-MA xii 51. (iI) birth baroscope.158 - (b) Pre-Natal Epoch.-MA xii 53.635 AaUNl>EL, EARL 0 ... heir to the Duke of Norfolk: .. The Patrician,"compare with" The Plebeian," No. 634: see AA d 28.993 ASQUITH, RT. HON. H. H.: (SPI& hor)8c}8 ASTRROS (, Johanna de Z!i.b '): a lady psychic, frequent contributor toLigllt.-(/)s).808 ASTROLABUS; astrologer, occasional contributor to Comillg Evtllts.-CE iii 233376 ASTROLOGICAL RHsn:ARcn SOCIETY (renamed The Uranian Society):founded 9.7 p.m. London; only continued in existence forone year.-Tralls(utions of Ural/ian Socidy, p. 10.977 ASTROLOGICAL SOcmT\', TilE: formed 19.6.09, 3.39.15 p.m. G.I\I.T.London. W.-(ps).883 ASTROLOGICAL SOCIETY, Secretary of the.856 ASTROLOO-ER:" A Cavalry Officer," the author of AsII-oloC)' as it is.-A} 134: (according to lJibliotlma Asfrologira, his initials are probablyJ. A. H.).547 AUGUSTUS 1., elector of Saxony: b. 3I.7.1526.--J 905, g06, CG 5