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"The Necessary Transformation AKA Humanity Must See Itself As One Human Family Before It Can Go To The Stars", which I presented at the 100 Year StarShip symposium in Houston, TX on Sept 15, 2012.

Transcript of 100 Year StarShip Presentation

  • 1. The Necessary Transformation AKA Humanity Must See Itself As One Human Family Before It Can Go To The Stars Steven G. Brant Trimtab Management Systems Making Global Peace & Prosperity Possible100 Year StarShip Symposium September 15, 2012
  • 2. I dedicate this presentation to Ambassador Christopher Stevens His tragic loss - and that of thethree others who died in Libya - is additional evidence we must make this transformation happen. Rest In Peace, Ambassador Stevens
  • 3. We are dedicated tothe human exploration of new worldsTheres a new world we must explore - andcolonize - starting today... if we are to realize the 100YSS vision!
  • 4. The New World We Must Explore And Colonize The world where Human Civilization - the Human Family - solves its challenges like mature adults The world where the Human Family realizes peaceful cooperation can lead to global prosperity for all
  • 5. Two Scenarios That Threaten 100YSS Infrastructure Crisis in America World War III
  • 6. A civilization beingtorn apart by cut- throat competition will never go to the stars. I rst learned our you or me world canbecome a you and me world in 1979. Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller and me in 1983
  • 7. Bucky Fuller taught me thistransformation is possible. James Burke taught me transformations in our human culture have happened many times in the past. The Day The Universe Changed
  • 8. Its not enough to know whats possible. We must know how to make it possible!Doing this requires that we Think Different Apples Think Different campaign
  • 9. The Miracle of Systems Thinking Synthesis not Analysis: What happens is a function of the design of the larger system - usually a Human Social System - in which that action occurs. Continuous improvement: Mistakes are okay. Internal not external motivation: Aspiration replaces fear. Ref: Drs. W. Edwards Deming and Russell L. Ackoff
  • 10. Public Education Efforts of the Recent Past The First Motion Picture Unit of WWII The Disney - von Braun Partnership of 1955 Star Trek We Are The World (1985) Hands Across America (1986)
  • 11. Improvement Efforts Youve Probably Never Heard Of The Baldridge National Quality Program The Corporate Social Responsibility movement The SciFi Channels Visions for Tomorrow public affairs initiative (now inactive)
  • 12. The Most Important Effort Youve Never Heard Of The Presidents Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD) of 1993-99
  • 13. The Second Most Important Effort You Havent Heard Of The Rocky Mountain Institute, where lead scientist Amory Lovins and his team have developed sustainable solutions for an energy- for-all future
  • 14. President Clinton Supports 100YSS! Also a student of Systems Thinking Supports Amory Lovins work Wishes a system existed to support the American people in basing political decisions on facts**Stated at The Economists World in 2011 event
  • 15. The Prospect of Involving Hollywood Reaching the public in an entertaining way is key Marooned inspired the Apollo-Soyuz mission!
  • 16. King Abdullah of Jordan Could Help Building a Star Trek- themed Resort Complex in his country
  • 17. My Personal Commitments Graphic Novel that tells the story of how this transformation might happen Offer my work to 100YSSs The Way research institute Host a brainstorming meeting on a reimagined PCSD - popularized by Hollywood - at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, KY
  • 18. Why I Am Optimistic We have the ability to solve our problems in mature, win-win ways The worlds people - including Tom Hanks - want this but dont yet know its possible 100YSS acknowledges the importance of entertainment: essential for engaging the public
  • 19. And I Have Lived This Future
  • 20. Experimental Star Trek Workshop I led at Star Trek:The Experience in 1999
  • 21. Essay I wrote which got me interviewed byWilliam Shatner for Get a Life documentary
  • 22. But its really up to you.You have to choose whether to continue living in theold planet Earth or help bring the new planet Earth - and the new future for humanity - to life!
  • 23. Thank you all very much!Steve Brant: [email protected]