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The program will include a customized workout cardiovascular and strength-training plan created with the step-by-step help and guidance of professional personal trainers for Shape Up members to get the maximum results on areas of their greatest concerns.

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  • 1. Being able to enjoy your time your family

2. Imagine being able to run these shores when your 60 years-oldwe can help make it happen. SHAPE U 3. If only there was enough time in day maybe there can be. SHAPE U 4. Unfortunately everyday does not look like thisbut learn to make every moment feel a little bit closer. SHAPE U 5. Because this is no way to spend old age. we understand. SHAPE U 6. Helping you gofrom to SHAPE U 7. Teaching youhowto balanceitall SHAPE U 8. Can you imagine having their energy again? We can. SHAPE U 9. Push yourselfto another level were going to help SHAPE U 10. Learn how to cut out the parts of life that feel like this. SHAPE U