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UXPA 2014 ^ 21-24 July 2014, Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London

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4 days, 17 sessions, 70+ tweets, dozens of individual talks. The UXPA2014 conference helped me to get a clear view on my "calling" and to feel the enormous variety of today's international UX community

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UXPA 2014


21-24 July 2014, Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London

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by @UXtf

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Leverage the power of research

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Design for emotions

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"If product is the body, UX is the soul."

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Code redundantly

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thx Bill Gribbons

Evangelize Product Management

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thx Rolf Molich

Make yourself "useful"

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thx to all ;)

Consider the 2nd screen during presentations

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Promote (e)Bikes as fashion objects

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Make prototypes, wireframes, and styleguides "the specs"

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Build WITH people, not FOR them

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17 sessions taken


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MO Research in Practise | Findings UX Professionals should know about Immersion: Using Emotional Design to Create Awesome Customer Experiences !DI Opening Keynote: Matias Duarte, VP Design, Android Red Herrings: Debunking the Pop Psychology of Color Experience Inspired Innovation: The Fourth Wave of User Centered Design The Future of UX Are you a Super Hero or a Super Villain? Using design psychology for good (and evil) Inside the UX Studio with 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Rolf Molich !MI Music and Mimosas. Improvisation & Innovation – Music Lessons for Designers How to understand and prioritise user needs: A marriage of UX research and business strategy methods Bridging the Physical-Digital Divide Beyond design: Using workshops to unlock innovation and creative thinking !DO Leapfrogging the Dutch! Getting more people motivated to ride bicycles by making them easier to use Maximising the impact of UX in an agile environment: Mixing Agile and Lean UX Design for Fingers, Thumbs, and People: Real World Data and Tactics for Designing Touchscreen Interfaces Get Uncomfortable: Breaking out of a Creative Rut Closing Keynote: Anna Kirah, CXO at Making Waves

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