10 tips to improve wedding photography

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    I M P R O V E Y O U R1 0 T I P S T O

  • Put in the time and research ahead of their big day and besure to review the options that you feel would work best forthem based on their feedback. Have a plan A, B, and C in

    case of unexpected issues or inclement weather.

    1 . E X P L O R E

  • Make sure your equipment is working the way you think itshould, and at least have practiced at home. Don't practice on

    your clients.

    2 . G E A R U P

  • Practice exposure! Bring your camera around with youeverywhere and practice getting perfect exposures in a


    3 . L I G H T I N G

  • Take a moment to scan the frame before you press theshutter and look for any distractions that could potentially

    ruin the photo.

    4 . N I C E F R A M E S

  • Back up your photos. Take file management seriously.

    5 . B A C K U P F I L E

  • Mechanicals and electronics have limited life spans. Theywill eventually fail and the Law of Murphy tells us that the

    failure will not happen while out taking snapshotsyourgear will fail at the worst possible moment.

    6 . B A C K U P G E A R

  • If possible, set up a sort of home base for yourself in theback of the venue (out of the way and view of guests) where

    you can possibly keep some of your heavier equipment whenyou're not using it.

    7 . L O G I S T I C S

  • Know how to posenot everyone is a model or feelscomfortable in front of the camera! If you forget it too, keepsome nice poses in your cellphone so you never run out of


    8 . P O S I N G

  • From your Web presence to your in-person meetings, yourmessage about who you are and what you do needs to be

    consistent. Find what you like and keep it that way.

    9 . S T Y L E

  • Be a ninja. Take photos without they knowing you werethere.

    1 0 . D O N ' T P U S H

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