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WIMBLEDON Finals Marketing Plan for vCOACH Bong

110 STEP Marketing Plan for Diabetics Clinic: Recognizing your DiseaseGian Van Paolo V. TenorioAugust 2015

This 10 Step Marketing Plan is part of the mandatory requirements of Prof. Remigio Joseph De Ungrias AGSB marketing management class.The data included in this report are based on publicly available data such as those on internet websites, news, package declarations, public reports.When appropriate, data are masked so as not to create unexpected conflicts.The reports are posted and linked on slideshare, blogs and facebook so that there is easier sharing among students from different marketing classes.Disclaimer

Identify your target (PTM)What do they need, want, demand (NWD)What are the choices (competitors)Where is the opportunity (gap)How big is the market (3Cs)

Steps 1 to 5Summary headline of your PTM and market

ProductPrice Promo Place Generic Winning Strategy of Mix

Steps 6 to 10Summary headline of the marketing mix & strategy

1. Primary Target MarketDemographicsPopulation of 51,503Target Population: Adults 30-50LifestyleWeaving and embroideryRich in food treatsPanocha, Suman, Tapa, Longganisa

1. Primary Target MarketEpidemiology>309,000 deaths related to non-communicable diseases including diabetes (2010)2009 statistics show 30.2% of patients die due to DM in Batangas Cityhttp://www.doh.gov.ph/sites/default/files/PHILIPPINE%20HEALTH%20STATISTICS%202009_0.pdf

2. PTMs needs, wants & demands Needs:RecognitionWhen to get treatedWhen to follow-upAwarenessSocial needsSafety needsQualityCompetenceContinuous managementPhysiological needs Provision of proper health care treatments

2. PTMs needs, wants & demands Wants: Healthcare remains one of the most important aspects of lifeChronic non-communicable diseases are unnoticed, slowly growing and high percentage of loss of follow-upNeed for immediate, quick and correct identification and management of diseases such as diabetes

2. PTMs needs, wants & demands Demands: Quick health informationQuality health informationCompetent and good health provisionAffordable and accessibilityFriendly staff and physicianAttentive and responds to the needs of the patient

3a. Direct and indirect products that address my PTMs NWDList of Competitors products/ brandsDetermine the variables that affect choice of product, brand

3b. Create 2 Positioning Maps1st Map: 2 x 2 Matrix showing the 2 Most Critical Variables for Consumer choice This 1st Map should allow differentiation/ non-clustering of the direct competitorsExample: Price vs. AgeSize of bubbles= represent relative market shares of the brands2nd Map: Functional Benefit vs. Brands/ Variants

Price vs. Demographic50High PriceTaal Polymedic HospitalLemery Doctors HospitalGeriatrics ClinicLow PriceLemery Pediatrics Clinic

Functional Benefit vs. Brand Map Lemery ClinicTaal Polymedic HospitalPediatrics ClinicProximityxQualityxPricexx

AccessibilityxQuickness of ServicexxAvailability of management optionsxCatering to target age groupxx

4. Identify the gap between customers and competitionWhere is the marketing opportunity?Only 1 clinic in Taal, BatangasOnly 1 doctor who specializes in Internal MedicineProximity to nearby health center/clinic/hospital is 5-10 minutes away form the town center

4. Identify the gap between customers and competition

What NWDs are not being addressed?Availability of medicinesAlternative treatment options

4. Identify the gap between customers and competitionWhat can be the unique selling proposition for the new productCheap consultations (300 php vs. 500 php at established clinics)Specializes in Diabetes (vs. Internal Medicine or other specialty consultation)Quick and competent (No emergencies, only out-patients = quicker attendings to patients)

5a. Estimate the market size using competitor dataTaal Polymedic Hospital hosts all types of diseasesThe internal medicine section is just a sector of the hospitalMost of the cases brought to Taal Polymedic (62%) are emergency casesDiabetes is a slow-growing disease and thus not so much given importance as urgent casesLemery Pediatrics focuses on patients aged 0-18

5b. Estimate the market size using company dataClinic may be placed at the center of Taal, BatangasPopulation of 50,000 sufficient with one clinicEquipment will be specialized in endocrinology and diabetes

5c. Estimate the market size using customer dataAlmost 90% of the population have their illnesses checked at a nearby clinic1 out of 10 patients have diabetic or pre-diabetic status

6a. Product Category

Clinica TenorioDiabetes ClinicQuality is always assuredPatients are Partners

6a. Competition

6b. Product DescriptionThe Diabetes Clinic is a clinic specializing in one of the most common yet unrecognized chronic non-communicable disease.It will be created mainly for patients with symptoms of diabetes or currently have diabetes and will be given support through private charities

7. PriceConsultation will be 300-500 for private patientsFree for charity through the use of support fundsTreatment will be given as much discounts as possible

8a. Modes of AdvertisementRanked MassAdvertisingPublic RelationsSales PromotionEvents and Experiences

PersonalWord of MouthInteractive MarketingDirect marketing

8a. Your products PromotionsAdvertising your clinic entails a certain way of marketing through both words and actionsQuality assurance and assuring its fulfillment in the clinics will be the best way to promote the businessBecause it is a single clinic specializing in a single disease, it will be very specific and will entice exactly what customers with diabetes are feeling

8a. Samples of Promo

It will have its own facebook page, website and have posters all around the province. Its main selling point will be its specialization into a disease that most of the people do not know about

8b. Competitor promo

8b. Competitor promo

8b. Competitor promoMost of the clinics at Taal, Batangas and its nearby town Lemery, Batangas do not have proper advertisement. They rely mostly on word of mouth.The town is currently undergoing acceptance of future technologies and more and more people are using facebook and the internet

9. PlaceThe clinic will be available at the central town of Taal, BatangasIt will be accessible to all the residents and even non-residents of Taal, BatangasFunds will be supported by various support groups and even the diabetes association of physicians themselves if possible

10. Generic Winning StrategyIt will be a niche leaderBreast clinics are one of the leading clinics that takes care of breast patients, they are mostly being preferred more than going to the hospital due to the quality and effectivity of treatment as compared to hospitals which tends to other diseases as well as breastsDiabetes clinics are, if not existent, rare. The clinic aims to pioneer the recognition of Diabetes as one of the leading causes of morbidity for the population and could be a template for future clinics focused in it