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    10 REASONS

    Prospects Walk Out of a GREAT

    Presentation or Party Without Buying Anything

    or Joining Your Team !!

    By MJ Durkin

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  • Introduction !I have counseled thousands of Network-Marketers, Direct Sellers and Party Plan Reps on how to sell. Actually it was my clients questions, over the years, that prompted me to seek out and master how to sell in a group setting. First of all I had to learn how to do it myself. I had to get over my own head-trash about asking people to buy. I had to get comfortable closing without feeling like I was being pushy and obnoxious. I had to learn to deal with the uncomfortable looks that I would get from a few of the prospects in a group presentation when they realized that I was going to ask them to buy. And I had to ingrain in my head and my heart that I wasnt doing something to my client but that I was doing something for them.

    !This E-Book and the subsequent training course that Ive developed is a manifestation of the heartfelt questions and the frustrations I have heard from hundreds of my own clients who have asked the same questions in many different forms. Let me tell you about a phone call that I had with a young woman who contacted me just a few months ago to illustrate. Here is the step by step conversation: !

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  • Network-Marketer: MJ Im totally freaking out! Ive got two more weeks left in the month and if I dont hit my volume goal Im not going to qualify for my next promotion. This is my third month and if I dont promote I have to start all over again. I dont know what Im doing wrong. Help! !MJ: Okay, Erica (Ill call her Erica) what exactly is happening or not happening? !Erica: Well, Im doing a great job of getting my friends and family to host for me. Ive got my teammates filling their living rooms with prospects as well. And I do a great party (presentation, workshop, spa night etc.) and people love the samples and the demonstration but I just cant get anyone to make decisions. The other night I had 10 ladies in the room and it was fun and they loved it and they all walked out with buying hardly anything! And no one, not even ONE asked about joining my team! THIS HAPPENS TO ME AND TO MY TEAMMATES ALL THE TIME! If I dont fix this and figure this out Im not going to promote and ALL of my teammates are going to quit. What am I doing wrong MJ? !MJ: Okay, Erica the first thing you need to do is to calm down, and fix your inner game and change your story about closing in a group. Then we are going to start implementing some strategies and techniques that can

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  • help you close 90% of the prospects at your parties. Heres what youre going to do !Ive heard a version of this conversation from over one-thousand Network-Marketers and Direct Sellers! !Does this conversation sound familiar to you? Have you heard this from your teammates? Does it apply to you? !If 90% of the prospects that were at your parties were buying or joining would your volume, title and bonus check look a lot different? !If I can fix this for you would you agree that the information would be totally valuable? Well, this E-Book is all about getting a start on solving the problem. To start fixing the problem weve got to understand why the problem occurs. !So lets get into the 10 Reasons Your Prospects Walk Out of a Great Presentation or Party Without Buying Anything or Joining Your Team: !!

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  • !# 1. Being Vague, Hesitant or Wishy-Washy

    About the Next Step: !Ive seen Network-Marketers and Direct Sellers do absolutely fun, engaging, and intellectually stimulating presentations, parties and demonstrations. Ive seen them tell a great why story, be cute, funny and use examples about why they love their companys products or services. Ive heard them speak with great passion, show beautiful samples and have awesome Power Point slides to illustrate their products benefits as well as describe a lucrative bonus, compensation plan or the chance to earn a gorgeous luxury car. Ive seen them get everyone in the room actively involved in a hands on demonstration that the prospects ooh and ahh over and then Ive seen them COMPLETELY SCREW IT UP! Yes, they completely screw it up by being vague about what the next step is. Prospects dont know what to do next unless you TELL them or SHOW them what to do. I have seen great presenters end with something like this:

    !Well, we have several ways that you can take advantage of these products or of the business. You can purchase them at retail, you can purchase them at wholesale or you can become a teammate of ours and build a business with

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  • us. So thank you for coming and we hope to see you again soon. !THATS NOT A CLOSE! !Prospects dont know what the next step is if you dont tell them. They may have been totally wowed by the personality of the presenter or totally wowed by the products and services that were demonstrated. They may be thinking that they want to buy and or they want to join. But if you dont show them or tell them how to buy or join they are NOT going to run up to the front of the room and jump into your arms and say, !Please sign me up. Please sell me everything in your catalog. Please, Please, Please dont leave without getting my credit card number and placing my order! !You cannot leave the buying decisions up to the prospect. You cant expect them to organically come to a buying or joining conclusion. You cant expect them to follow you into the kitchen or out into the parking lot asking you questions that indicate their level of interest. People dont buy through osmosis! !Why do people buy?

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  • They buy because someone shows them how to take action. They buy because someone tells them what they should do next. They buy because someone gives them a clear path and a clear choice about how and why they should buy or join. !To start closing 90% of your prospects at the end of a presentation start being specific, tell them what they should do next and help them to make a great choice: to purchase your products or to join your team! !!

    # 2. Saving the Prices of the Products or Services Until the Very End of the

    Presentation: !You have to understand whats going on inside your prospects mind. When they sit down at the presentation they are trying to figure out what is going on. They are trying to decide if they like and trust the presenter. They are trying to understand exactly why they were invited and why they are there. They are wondering if someone is going to ask them to buy or join something and they are wary about that. Their defenses are up a bit. (this is where the phrase, their hand is on their wallet came from.)

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  • But something magical starts to happen as the presentation goes on. The prospect starts warming up. They start liking some of what they are hearing. They start trusting the presenter. They may even start to enjoy the presentation. If they get actively involved in the demonstration and start trying things on or actually using the products on their body they may start to have a visceral experience and they may like it! They may start to turn from being skeptical to becoming a believer! !Now make sure you understand this next process that goes on for them. They are hoping that the product that they are starting to like or believe in doesnt cost that much. They are hoping against hope that the product will be offered to them at a very low price and some of them are even wanting you to offer the product completely FREE to them! They dont know the price so they are wishing, and even though its just a wish, they hope that they can get the tremendous benefits of your product or business for a real deal. So they are thinking: !Well these products or services seem really cool and Id like to own them and I hope the price isnt too high because I might actually want to buy some of this stuff. !So after an hour or so of presenting, as people are looking at their watches or thinking that theyve got to get home to put the kids to bed you hit them with the prices:

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  • !BAM! !And the price is higher than they expected. As a matter of fact, its a lot higher than they expected. And they are a bit surprised. They are shocked actually. !They havent had any time to let the price sink in so !They say, !This was really great. Thank you. Do you have a catalog or a price sheet that I can take with me? I need to think about what I want and I need to get home to my family. Thanks for the catalog, bye !And they leave without buying, joining or asking any questions. !And you call them the next day and you start leaving voice mails and you start chasing them to try and get back in front of them again but !Your opportunity is lost! You had them at the party and they loved the samples, the demonstration, your energy, your spirit and your why story but !

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  • They were suffering from a form of sticker shock and they had no time to process the value vs. the price so they said, !I need to think it over and Ill get back to you. !Has this happened to you? Have your prospects rushed out the door saying they loved the presentation and need to think about it or get back to you? Isnt it discouraging? Dont you hate it? !Waiting to show the prices at the end is one of the biggest reasons that prospects walk out the door without buying or joining. !You have to develop a way to start getting them comfortable with an idea of what the prices are without totally freaking them out! Theyve got to sit with those prices. Youve got to let them settle in with what your great products and services really cost and let them get somewhat comfortable with the price before you ask them to place an order. Well cover a bit about how to do that