10 Must Have IPad2 Apps For Restaurant Operatore

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Dicover the 10 must have ipad apps to be more productive running your restaurant.

Transcript of 10 Must Have IPad2 Apps For Restaurant Operatore

  • 1.10 Must Have iPad Apps for Restaurant Operators

2. MOBILE APPS 10 Must-Have iPad Apps For Restaurant Operators 3. Pulse News for iPad

  • It turns your news story into to a clean and elegant format that is visually appealing to your eyes

4. HootSuite for Twitter

  • powerful enough to manage up to three accounts
  • ability to schedule tweets and Facebook status updates, track clicks and set up columns to manage custom searches.

5. Google Search

          • allows you to search for anything by speaking into your iPhone or iPad.
          • one-click access-Google products like Gmail, Youtube and Voice from the app tabs.

6. Evernote

  • acts like an extension of your brain, helping you to remember everything that happens in your personal and business life.
  • searchable.
  • synchronizes via iPad or Mac or Windows desktop.

7. Microsoft One Note

        • note- taking application for capturing all your ideas andto-dos on the go.
        • you can search any notes with text and pictures.
        • You can then keep your notes in order using free windows Live SkyDrive cloud storage

8. Dropbox

      • Dropbox is a virtual storage for your documents that resides in the cloud and is accessible from anywhere.
      • it'll allow you to save any file automatically to all your computers, iPhone and iPad and even the Dropbox website.

9. Adobe Photoshop Express

  • lets you edit and share your photos from your mobile device whether it's from your iPhone or iPad.
  • on photoshop.com to upload and store 2GB of photos and videos online.

10. Calculator for iPad

  • Get free calculator by downloading the app
  • get rid of an extra device thats occupying space inyour office.

11. Popplet Lite

      • for planning and brainstorming ideas.
      • lets you quickly create diagrams, process charts to illustrate your thoughts and ideas.

12. Kindle

  • By downloading the free kindle app you have access to more than 950, 000 in the Kindle store, plus more than 100 newspapers and magazines for purchase.


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