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Transcript of 1 Using Social Media to Amplify Advocacy Efforts 1.

  • *Using Social Media to Amplify Advocacy Efforts1

  • *Welcome and Introductions2Mike Panetta Partner, Beekeeper Group Elected Official in the District of ColumbiaAward-winning online strategists with top honors from George Washington School of Political Management, American Association of Political Consultants, and the Public Affairs Council First job after college was a temporary employee in the Greater Washington Region office

  • *Why We Are Here? What We Will Learn?2Lobby Day is an opportunity to get actual AHA members talking to their elected officials Face-to-Face is so important, however its only going to be only a handful of people visiting each office

    What if there was a way to get have know about the good work you are doing here this week with: - Your friends, family, and co-workers? - Your elected officials? - Local media?

    Tips and tools not just for today - but for use back home as well!!

  • *Quick Overview of Social Media3

    How many of you use Facebook? Twitter? YouTube? How many friends do you have?

    How many friends do all your friends have? The main goal for using social media is to get our updates and messages into as many peoples social media streams as possible - and that starts with you.

  • *Why This Matters2Fundamental shift in the power of communication and the flow of information Fragmentation of media landscape continues on a relentless pace Traditional media business models are starting to erode The people are now the media.and have the tools and means to matter!vs.

  • *Fragmentation of Media2vs.106 MillionViewers for 1983 series finale 20.5 MillionViewers for 2010 series finale

  • *People Trust What Friends Say2People no longer place a great deal of trust in institutions or the media Only 23% rate the honesty and ethical standard of journalists as high or very high, while 31% said they were low or very low (Source: The Project for Excellence in Journalism )Only 22% have a high degree of trust in the government (Source: Gallop, April 2010)90% of consumers online trust recommendations from people they know; 70% trust opinions of unknown users. (Econsultancy, July 2009)

  • *Congress is Listening2Congressional offices are integrating social media tools into their operations To better understand constituents opinions and also to communicate informationNearly two-thirds of staff surveyed (64%) think Facebook is an important way to understand constituents viewsNearly three-quarters (74%) think it is important for communicating their Members views.Source: Congressional Management Foundation

  • *So Are State Legislators248 governors have a personalized Twitter presence and every governor has a personalized Facebook presence At least 10% of state legislators have a personalized Twitter presence.

    The top five Twittering state legislatures are FL, MO, PA, CA, and IL

    More than 2,500 state lawmakers are on Facebook

    The top five Facebook state legislatures, by total numbers, are: NY, MN, MI, TX, and NCSource: Digital America, March 2011

  • *The Media is Listening Too289% of reporters look to blogs and 65% are using social networks for stories*. Reporters will often turn to social media and dive into hash tags to find quotes and real-time information on an issue or event Great way for them to find leads and see emerging trends and topics developLook for new sources or people who are actually at an event - and sometimes use photos or videos submitted*Source: George Washington University and Cision, Jan 2010

  • *You Have the Power and the Tools2+=GlobalDistribution

  • *Example of Someone Using Tools2http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6e94jJ5AaQ

  • *...And Getting Results2Senator Michael Bennett of Coloradohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsz0LPqPrwA

  • *Getting Into Specifics2

    We are now going to do a hands-on review of some of the major social media networks including: Facebook

    Twitter Flickr YouTube

  • *Using Facebook2

    Make sure you download the Facebook application for your phone - or set up your phone with Facebook - to easily upload photos and status updates Be sure to tag people in photos, videos and updates

    Its essential to like your Representative and Senators, so that you can tag them in your own posts - same for local media outlets Once you follow your member you can also write on their wall

    Be sure to Like the FacebookPage of Youre the Curehttp://www.facebook.com/yourethecure/

  • *Using Facebook2

  • *Using Facebook2

  • *Using Facebook2

  • *Using Facebook2

  • *Using Twitter2

    Add the application to your mobile phone or set up your account to tweet via text message Find out if your Rep. and Senators are on Twitter - and follow them

    When updating from Capitol Hill, be sure to use the appropriate hash tag (#YTContheHill) Use your Member of Congress Twitter handle in your tweets that will be seen by their office and others who follow

    There are tools that allow for photos to be appended to tweets - use them!

    Follow @AmHeartAdvocacy on Twitter

  • *TweetCongress.com2

  • *Using Twitter2

  • *Using Twitter2

  • *Using YouTube2

    Video taken on your phone can be uploaded directly to YouTube First-person to camera telling your story, why you are here, and what people watching can do works very well in this format

    Again, be sure to use appropriate hash tags and take the time to write the description - used for search engines You can also upload video to Facebook and other platforms as well - or from a video camera when you get back home

    Be sure to subscribe toour YouTube channel at:http://www.youtube.com/AmHeartAdvocacy

  • *Using Flickr2

    Flickr is used to share photos - and has a lot of the same social media capabilities as as other sites There are apps for mobile phones to upload to the service AHA has a Flickr pool where you can upload photos taken today or when you get back The tag for photos on Flickr is YTContheHill

  • *Take These Skills Home With You!21) Find us! "Like" American Heart Association: You're the Cure on Facebook and "Follow" @AmHeartAdvocacy on Twitter. 2) Find Your Legislators and the Media! "Like" and "Follow" your local, state, and federal lawmakers, as well as key local and national news outlets, so you can be part of the dialogue. 3) Spead the Word! "Share" and "retweet" You're the Cure messages, such as action alerts and news stories.

    4) Recruit Others to the Cause! Encourage your friends and followers to join our pages.

    5) Keep Us Posted! Let us know how you are being part of the cure by sharing your story, pictures, videos, and links with us, documenting your AHA involvement.

  • *Questions or Comments1