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  • *First Things FirstThank you!Thank you!!Thank you!!!

  • *Bill Colledge 2011 Campaign Chairinvites you to

  • *1300 United Ways in the United States UWBB is run by a board of local volunteers Dollars raised in our community campaign stays in our community Funds are distributed through the CHSP process which is comprised by community volunteers UWBBs structure allows the community to address the issues that are important to usFast Facts

  • *United Way of the Big Bend 48 Partner Agencies 80+ programs and services 24 professional staff 100s of volunteers

  • *UWBB Counties

  • Annual Big Bend foreclosures roseFrom 2,528 in June 2008 to 3,887 in June 2009

    Unemployment in the Big Bend roseFrom 7.9% in June 2009 to 8.7% in June 2010

  • One child at a timeAnnie

  • One child at a timeOne child at a time4,000,000 pounds of food provided to the hungry

    3,000 children enrolled in a safe after-school program

    3,000 people in need received meals, clothing, transportation, medication

    573 survivors escaped a violent living condition and were provided safe haven

    331 military families provided emergency communication services

  • *Visit www.thebestproject.org

    In 2010, VITA helped file 3,761 tax returns, claiming more than $4.4 million in tax refunds for Big Bend residents. VITA has had an estimated $14.5 million economic impact in the Big Bend area -- $12.7 million in total refunds and $1.8 million in tax preparation fee savings in the last five years.

  • *Some highlights of our work include:

    450 children have obtained insurance since 2008 through thanks to the KidCare Outreach position created within Leon County Schools, thanks to a grant by Capital Health Plan.

    79 children were screened during two Community-wide Infant Toddler and Preschool Developmental Comprehensive Screening events, coordinated by the WCL Health Action Team.

    25 children are receiving pediatric dental-health services thanks to a grant rom the Florida Dental Health Foundation.

    280 childcare centers participated in the first Quality Rating System (QRS) for childcare centers which will be published in August 2010 through a partnership with the Early Learning Coalition of the Big Bend.

    Whole Child Leon is focused on making sure that in our community children are healthy at age 1, making appropriate progress and entering kindergarten ready to succeed. Visit www.WholeChildLeon.com

  • Big Bend residents without health insurancehas reached 23% in the Big Bend

    Food stamp usage in the Big Bend rose24% from 2008 to 2009

  • *Leadership Outreach Areas Its about more than just raising funds to meet and prevent human need. Its about networking with other women through a mutual commitment to and relationship with United Way.What is POWER of the PURSE?

    An incredible group of women committed to significantly improving the quality of life in the Big Bend through philanthropic giving, advocacy and volunteerism.

  • *Leadership Outreach AreasFYLO provides a forum for 20 40 year olds to actively participate in philanthropy in our community. Through volunteering, networking and personal and professional growth opportunities, FYLO members are helping United Way make a lasting, positive impact in peoples lives and in our community. For Young Leaders Only (FYLO)

  • *How does the Community Investment Process work?A donation to United Way is madeLocal Agencies submit grant proposals for fundingA group of trained community volunteers serve on the Allocation panel and decide where the dollars goAll donations stay in Big Bend (unless directed otherwise by the donor)$.83 of every dollar goes to support local programs

  • One gift at a time..= $3 = $5= $10

  • Whatever you earn, or whatever you have in life, use it wisely. Use it for the good of others and it will bring you the most good.- Milton S. Hershey

    Whatever you earn, or whatever you have in life, use it wisely. Use it for the good of others and it will bring you the most good. - Milton S. Hershey Thank you for being a LifeSaver!