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Deep Books 2013 Catalogue Part 1 - Art to Fiction

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  • 1.art & design Net of BeingMaking Art Alex Grey with Allyson Greya Practice Revealing the interwoven energies of body 30 Ways to and soul, love and spirit that illuminatePaint a Pipe the core of each being, Alex Greys mystic(...and be the paintings articulate the realms of Artist You Are) consciousness encountered during visits to entheogenic heaven worlds.Cat Bennett His painting Net of Being inspiredMaking Art A by a blazing vision of an infinite grid of Practice Godheads during an ayahuasca demonstrates journey has reached millions as thehow to create cover and interior of the band TOOLs an art practiceISBN: 978 1 59477 384 6Grammy awardwinning triple-that catapultsITI | 208pp | 267 x 343platinum album, 10,000 Days.the artist at anyfull col throughout The book explores how thelevel intoHB 34.00mystical experience expressed in Alex self-awareness, ISBN: 978 1 84409 607 7 Greys work opens a newartistic clarity FHP | 128pp | 159 x 235of related interest: understanding of our sharedand action.10 col & 10 b & w photos,Sacred Mirrors Cards consciousness and unveils the deepWhen we see art 20 col & 10 b & w ills19.99 inc vat influence art can have on culturalas a practice, we PB 12.99Sacred Mirrors Visionary Art evolution. The narrative progresseslet can let go ofof Alex Grey 26.00through a successive expansion of of related interest: limiting concernsTransfigurations 34.00identity from the self, to self andregarding skill, Color 15.99 beloved, to self and community, world recognition orConfident Creative 8.99 spirit and cosmic consciousness, wheremoney and allow our bodies are transparent to galactic energies. unique creativity toemerge and shine in Illuminati ways that are vital to our lives. Making Art JournalPractice walks us through illustrated by erik c. dunne exercises designed to develop the personal A blank journal with incredible cover artqualities necessary to create authentic art by Erik Dunne. and to live as artists in the world. Most books on art practice focus on arttechniques that build skills or overcomecreative blocks through playful exercises orwriting. Making Art A Practice offersexercises that build the personal qualitiescritical to being an artist in the world suchas courage, the ability to look and see,and connection to the true creative self,among others.ISBN: 978 886527217 6LS | 168pp | 150 x 210JOU23HB 8.99biography My Life in a Pea Soup Lisa Nops My Life in a Pea Soup follows one mothers journey to reach her profoundly autistic daughter. Set against the backdrop of three countries Sri Lanka, Bahrain and Australia this book will appeal to anyone who has experienced heartbreak and then found a way to not only help themselves, but to help those dearest to them.ISBN: 978 1921 462 320FP | 256pp | 152 x 215PB 24.002

2. biography Ecstatic HealingClear Cut A Journey into the Shamanic One Womans Journey of World of Spirit Possession andLife in the Body Miraculous Medicine Ginny Jordan Margaret De Wys In the course of her life, Ginny Jordan has Margaret De Wys first became aware of been diagnosed with breast cancer, ecstatic trance healing when she was aundergone surgery and chemotherapy, young girl fascinated by the rapture of the experienced debilitating vertigo and other Holy Rollers. However, it would be decadesconditions at the same time as she has before she would be called to explore thatbeen a daughter, wife, mother of three and early fascination. At a gathering in Upstatemember of a large, active family. New York thirty years later she was In prose that is startling and evocative, spontaneously possessed by a sacred Zuluwitty and generous, CLEAR CUT explores necklace a gift from one of the mostbiographically, symbolically and culturally powerful shamans in Africa, Vusamazuluthe meanings of nine different parts of theISBN: 978 1 59477 456 0Credo Mutwa. Frightening yet exhilarating,body, of how much we can lose and stillISBN: 978 1 59056 316 8ITI | 192pp | 152 x 229 the experience set her on a search to remain wholeand know who we are. LTB | 160pp | 127 x 203PB 12.99understand the depths of ecstatic healing.of related interest: PB 16.99 In sharing her journey to reach a Alzheimers Disease 16.99of related interest: profound understanding of ecstatic states How To Say Yes WhenShamanic and shamanic healing, Margaret De Wys Your Body Says No 15.99Experience 16.99not only gives the reader a direct experience Radical Healing 16.99Teachings of The of holiness, but, also, reveals the potentialSanteria Gods 14.99 each of us has for miraculous healing. Madame Blavatsky Live with Meaning,The Mother of Modern Spirituality Gary Lachman Die with PassionMadam Helena Petrovna Blavatsky mystic, Fumitada Naoe occult writer, child of Russian aristocrats, spiritual seeker who travelled five continents Photographs by Takashi Owakiand founder (with Henry Steel Olcott) of the Born in a shanty town of Taiwan, Fumitada Theosophical Society is still being hailed plunges in and makes his own way to as an icon and scorned as a fraud more success within Japans affluent businessthan 120 years after her death. sector. Determined to be the top Gary Lachman, the acclaimed spiritual entrepreneur in the world, he is propelled by biographer behind volumes such as Rudolf the death of a loved one and to overcomeSteiner and Jung the Mystic, brings us an the discrimination he has faced throughoutin-depth look at Blavatsky, objectively his life. He starts his own company withexploring her unique and singular virtually no experience or funds and builds contributions toward introducing Eastern ISBN: 978 1 58542 863 2 it to a thirty million dollar business within and esoteric spiritual ideas to the West JPT | 352pp | 140 x 216ISBN: 978 0 97850 845 6ina year. Fumitadas musings are as during the nineteenth century, as well as thePB 14.99OPB | 128pp | 127 x 178inspiring as they are moving. controversies that continue to colour theb & w photos throughout discussions of her life and work.of related interest: of related interest:HB 16.99 Jung The Mystic 21.00 Autobiography of A Yogi 7.99Lords of The Left-Hand Hannah Senesh 16.99Path 21.00Secret Doctrine 15.99Secret Societies 14.99 From Harlem In The Center with Love of the Fire An Ivy Leaguers Inner City Odyssey A Memoir of the Occult 1966-1989 Joseph HollandJames Wasserman As a diplomats son, star athlete and In this daring expos by a survivor of a Harvard Law School graduate, in the early unique era in the New York occult scene, 1980s Joseph Holland had a world of James Wasserman, a longtime proponent opportunities awaiting him in corporate of the teachings of Aleister Crowley, brings America. Instead, he found himself in us into a world of candlelit temples, burning Harlem during the nadir of its blight and incense and sonorous invocations. He endeavoured to contribute to ashares an intimate look at the New York neighbourhood that was tough in every Underground of the 1970s and introduces sense of the word. A five-year sojournus to the company of such avant-garde became a three-decade commitment, asluminaries as Alejandro Jodorowsky, HarryISBN: 978 1 59056 322 9his Harlem-based career morphed fromSmith and Angus MacLise. ISBN: 978 0 89254 201 7LTB | 288pp | 152 x 229 practising law to empowering the homeless,of related interest: IB | 336pp | 152 x 229PB 16.99to running small businesses, to serving in HB 30.00 Illustrated History of The Knights politics all aimed at revitalising a Templar 16.99 beaten-down, cultural mecca haunted by Mystery Traditions 16.99 poignant memories of its glory days in the Templars and The early twentieth century. Assassins 14.993 3. biography My Life of Marzipan and Love & Truth Magnolias Barry Long Elizabeth Lancaster Barry Long, spiritual teacher and WesternMARZIPAN AND MAGNOLIAS is a charming, master, was the bestselling author of more poignant and humorous story that traces than 20 titles, translated into 11 languages Elizabeth Lancasters complex relationship and selling more than 100,000 copies with her somewhat eccentric mother, Ruth. worldwide. For the first time, this book tells The relationship becomes even more the story of his early life, from successful complicated when Elizabeth refuses to Sydney newspaper editor and family man,acknowledge the early signs of her own through crisis and realisation, to incurable illness multiple sclerosis. transcendental, tantric spiritual master.Growing up in a family of boys, Elizabeth of related interest: struggles to maintain her independence inthe face of her mothers intense love for Knowing Yourself 7.99ISBN: 978 1921 462 207her only daughter. When Elizabeth realises Making Love 10.99FP | 224pp | 152 x 215ISBN: 978 1 899324 19 4 her dream of living overseas, Ruth pulls Meditation A Foundation Course 7.99PB 24.00BL | 456pp | 153 x 234away emotionally, fearing that her daughter Start Meditating NowPB 19.99 will never return. The tension between them 2 CD Set 17.99 inc vatdeepens when Elizabeth falls in love andbecomes engaged to Martin, who isGerman. Upon their eventual return toAustralia, Elizabeth endeavours to breakthrough the emotional barriers her motherhas set up, as well as deal with the When the unwelcome onset of her own strange andfrightening medical symptoms. Bough Breaks Joanne W Jones The Marble Room From endless rounds of IVF to faith healingHow I Lost God and Found and Chinese herbs, she tried them all, Myself in Africa believing that with enough willpower and bill hatcher determination she would succeed. But it was not to be. And then began Joannes At 27, Bill Hatcher was at a crossroads. real challenge, the painful task of how to Brought up in an evangelical household in accept and adjust to the fact that she the American Bible Belt, his religion had would never be a mother, never hold herprovided no answers to his parents own child, never share the ups and broken marriage or, indeed, his downs of parenting with her partner. own div