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    1. Visitor profile at a glance 3

    2. Results of the exhibitor and visitor survey 5

    2.1 Exhibitor survey 5 2.2 Visitor survey 6

    3. Visitors industries 7

    4. Visitors company size 8

    5. Visitors job function 9

    6. Investment plans and levels 11

    7. Highlights of the exhibition 12

    8. Show program on two days 13

    9. First German Fire and Explosion Protection Congress, 2014 14

    10. Representative visitor companies 15

    11. Visitor promotion in the run-up to the show 16

    12. Public Relations 18

    Save the date 19

    Contacts 19

    Other shows in the SOLIDS European Series (SES) 19

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    1. Visitor profile at a glance Visitor numbers


    Visitors 4986

    Exhibitors 393

    Comparison to SOLIDS Dortmund & RECYCLING-TECHNIK 2012:

    The number of exhibitors has grown by 15% The number of visitors has grown by 15% Over half of the visitors are interested in the exhibitiors of RECYCLING-TECHNIK

    Origin of the visitors

    Origin Percent

    Germany 89%


    (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Rumania, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, The Netherlands)



    (Bahrein, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Mongolia, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, United Arab Emirates)


    The shows geographic outreach is now far beyond the German country borders.

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    Development of visitor numbers 2006-2014

    Since the first show in 2006, the number of visitors has already increased fivefold

    New visitors / Returning visitors

    Around 40% of the visitors in 2014 were at the shows for the first time

    Roughly 2/3 of the visitors had visited the shows before

    Exhibitors at SOLIDS Dortmund & RECYCLING-TECHNIK are able to meet many new contacts and at

    the same time deepen existing business contacts.








    2006 2008 2009 2011 2012 2014




    First visit to the show in 2014

    No Yes

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    2. Results of the exhibitor and visitor surveys

    Visitors Exhibitors

    90% of the visitors were very satisfied or satisfied with SOLIDS Dortmund & RECYCLING-TECHNIK 2014.

    82% of the exhibitors were very satisfied or satisfied with SOLIDS Dortmund & RECYCLING-TECHNIK 2014.

    86% plan either very likely or likely to visit the show again.

    96% of the visitors will recommend the shows very likely or likely to their colleagues.

    89% of the exhibitors deemed the show to be a relevant platform for business for their companies and products.

    2.1 Exhibitor survey

    On each day of the show, the exhibitors generated around 30+ contacts.

    A particular strength of the shows was the quality of the contacts:

    70% of the exhibitors rated the quality of their contacts with very good and good.

    In addition, 87% of the exhibitors stated that they expected to generate business deals from the

    contacts they had made.





    Quality of the contacts

    Very good Good Average Bad

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    2.2 Visitor survey

    58% of the visitors stated they came to the shows looking for specific solutions, products, trends

    and innovations 40% of the visitors said they used the shows as a networking platform to meet experts and new


    SOLIDS Dortmund & RECYCLING-TECHNIK serve the market as an important information and investment exchange. Opportunities for networking were also increased by a variety of new spaces devoted to interaction, such as the country pavilions, the Business Bar and coffee areas.

    Evaluation of show results

    Visitors' goals Evaluation of show results

    Business deals & networking 79% of the visitors rated their experience in this category as excellent or good.

    Meet with existing suppliers 76% of the visitors rated their experience in this category as excellent or good.

    Find new suppliers 73% of the visitors rated their experience in this category as excellent or good.

    Get an overview of the market 53% of the visitors rated their experience in this category as excellent or good.

    SOLIDS Dortmund & RECYCLING-TECHNIK has established itself as a fixed date in the diaries of industry professionals, who use the shows effectively for sourcing new suppliers and making purchase decisions on planned investments.





    2%Reasons for the show visit

    Finding out about new products andinnovations

    Meeting experts / technicalexchange

    Looking for specific solutions andproducts

    Looking for new suppliers

    Attending lectures / Show program


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    3. Visitors industries

    The top 5 visitor industries were:

    Mechanical engineering / Metal industry (21%) Chemicals / Pharmaceutical industry (16%) Stones, soil, mining (11%) Logistics (transportation & storage) (8%) Food & foodstuffs (8%)

    The top 3 growth industries (compared to the previous show):

    Industry Growth

    Mechanical engineering / Metal industry 12%

    Chemicals / Pharmaceutical industry 5%

    Food & foodstuffs 3%

    All core consumer sectors of the solids industry are well-represented and grow continuously.







    Visitors' industries

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    4. Visitors company size

    The visitors came from various company sizes:

    51% came from small to medium-sized enterprises with up to 100 employees 49% came from enterprises with more than 100 employees; of these over half were employed

    by big companies with over 500 employees The show offers an ideal platform for doing business with both SMEs and large corporations




    Company size


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    5. Visitors job function

    The visitors held the following types of positions:

    63% were at the management level in their companies, of whom 1/4 were at the top executive levels











    Visitors' job function




    Visitors' positions

    No leading role CEO Leading role

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    Investment decisions

    Roughly 60% of the visitors play an active role in taking investment decisions on behalf of their companies

    Exhibitors directly and effectively reach their target audience without abstraction or wastage. The high quality of the visitors is one of the success factors that assure good business relationships continuing long after the show.




    2014 visitors - Impact on investment decisions?

    Yes, I am directly responsible Yes, I advise No

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    6. Investment plans & levels

    73% of the visitors reported investment plans in the upcoming months It is very likely that, based on their show participation, exhibitors will make successful business

    deals within the next six months.

    Notes about the visitors planned investments for the coming year:

    48% of the visitors reported investment plans of over EUR 100.000 24% of the visitors reported investment plans of over EUR 500.000

    The companies represented by the visitors are both ready and able to make investments, which underscores the importance of SOLIDS Dortmund & RECYCLING-TECHNIK as a business platform. One of the main purposes of the shows is to generate new business. Concrete investment plans indicate the real potential for closing sales.



    Investment intentions within the next 6 months

    Yes, we have specific investment plans

    No, at the moment we are not planning on specific investments








    Amount of intended investments

    up to EUR 10.000

    EUR 10.000 - EUR 20.000

    EUR 20.000 - EUR 50.000

    EUR 50.000 - EUR 100.000

    EUR 100.000 - EUR 250.000

    EUR 250.000 - EUR 500.000

    EUR 500.000 - EUR 1.000.000

    over EUR 1.000.000

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    7. Highlights of the exhibition Networking at the Business Bar in Hall 4

    An innovative lounge concept in Hall 4:

    the Business Bar seamlessly blends

    networking, exhibition and catering

    Sponsored areas: four exclusive seating areas provide the four premium partners a dedicated space for interactions and customer dialogues.

    Premium partnerships 2014

    In 2015 we will set up three Business Bars: in Halls 4, 6 and 7. Premium partners of SOLIDS Dortmund & RECYCLING-TECHNIK 2015 will benefit from an outstanding package of services before, during and after the show.

    Dutch Pavilion in hall 6

    Develop new markets efficiently under

    the umbrella of the Machevo & Bulk


    Networking and dialogue in a

    professional business ambience:

    international industry exchange

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    8. Show program on two days

    Innovation Center / SolutionCenter Presenting innovations, trends & products

    Four presentation stages, offering 60 expert lectures on topics such as:

    What's new in the solids industry Conveying and mixing Safe handling of bulk goods with Hygenic

    Design Po