08 Tsc 0409 Kickass For Ny

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The Amazing Soffer Collective as represented by Artists and Creatives and Collaboratively with IV Represents...

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  • 1. Hello

2. We are The Collec+ive. 3. An ideas company that has been around for 10 years. Weve successfully reinvented ourselves to be relevant for today. We give great thinking. Research. Strategy leads us to powerful ideas. Ideas that surprise and delight. That build positive perceptions and connections to a brand. That enable us to build prestige brands in an environment where change is the only constant. 4. EVER PLAY CHESS? TRY TO GET THE GIRL? 5. Sometimes, its not the destination, its the journey. 6. ll ND of ss. ore ch ca A el ne e c oae e d si h r . W th o u t t pp do it ) m g b s a e a e( oin it w g w d nd ow inA f h ytho vere 7. HowWEdoWhatWEdoPartnering with best in class Seamless brand integration Total transparency and access y o neExpertise across disciplinesrm Si u myoplrfoein uetel varfa t es ceB 8. We are a true Collec+ive. Its not just a fancy name. 9. Its very nice to meet you.