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  • 8/19/2019 08. Nirvana


    Cessation, letting go, renunciation, freeing,from thirst, “supreme status,” “holy,” “ nalend”Freedom

    FREEDO FRO ! "gnorance, fear, isolation,#cause of$ su%eringFREEDO FOR! &eace, love, compassion,'isdom

    DetachmentON"ON! peeling a'ay all the layers to reveal

    our natural condition #Ocean ( )ave$

    *o' is N"R+ N descri-ed.

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    /his is 'here 0E1F1E00NE00 is reali2edReali2ation that you RE Nirvana

    )e are an OCE N that presents itself as a ) +E /he 'ave is part of the ocean, not a separate piece /hin3 'e are separate and distinct, an “"” or “0elf”

    /he 'ave returns the oceanDistinction -et'een self4no5self goes a'ay

    No “"” found in enlightenmentDirectly a'are of 'hat "0

    /he illusion of separateness is reali2ed and onlyN"R+ N remains

    0omething called “ E” has never e6isted

    Nirvana and E

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    /hin3 a-out you and Nirvana for a moment 'hile loo3ing at this image of the ocean and the'ave7 )here does the 'ave end and the ocean -egin. )here does the ocean end and the'ave -egin.

    )here do you end and 'here does Nirvana -egin.

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    )here is N"R+ N


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    "n addition to depictingimpermanence and the variousaspects associated 'ith0amsara, the )heel of 1ife alsoillustrates the goal of li-eration!


    Nirvana is located in the upperleft5hand corner of the image,directly across from the 8uddhain the upper right5hand corner7

    )hat this tells the vie'er, isthat Nirvana, as the attainmentof li-eration from duh3ha, islocated O9/0"DE the cycle ofsamsara7

    Where is NIRVANAlocated?

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    /he FO9R D"+"NE

    8ODE0Four states of mind one should cultivate in order toreach Nirvana7

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    :7 ttitudes of Compassion;7 1oving oy

    ?7 E@uanimity #calmness, tran@uility$

    . 1isted separately, -ut arenAt really

    . )hen these are practiced correctly.

    8rea3 do'n -arriers -et'een yourself and other people. 0ho' oneness. 0ho' ho' you are su%ering, close5minded, misguided. Remind you that 'hen you nd yourself pointing a

    nger at other people you really should -e pointing that

    nger at yourself rst

    /he FO9R 8ODE0

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    Benuine compassion c3no'ledging su%ering of others

    Opening your o'n heart to feel the su%ering of others

    'ithout feeling over'helmed -y itEmpo'ering

    Bives you a clear perception of the 'ay things areany people are su%ering and you can only help so much

    Bet strength to do 'hat you can to help

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    +alue ( cherish others and 'ish them all thegoodness that you 'ould 'ish for yourself oryour family

    E &1E!irror!"n a mirror you re ect the good inherent in anotherperson

    Encourage them to open themselves

    *elp you loosen your o'n negativity

    CanAt love others until you love yourself E6tended loving53indness to yourself rst

    E6tending 1O+"NB5

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    ost di cultBets rid of the comparisons and Gudgment 'e ma3ea-out other people vs7 ourselves

    llo's you to see others as 'ho they areBenuinely share in their happiness and success #'4o

    Gealousy$Enriches their e6perience"ncrease your happiness8rea3 do'n -arriers that separate you from other people

    )ho is going to 'ant to share things 'ith you or -e friendly'ith you if you have something nasty to say 'hen theycome to you 'ith a successful story a-out themselves.

    Developing 0H & /*E/"C >OH

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    &eace of mind that em-races life as it isComes from reali2ation of impermanence (understanding that you canAt control everything

    0ometimes things Gust have to -ea3es you open completely to the 'ay life is

    DonAt close yourself do'n to thingsDonAt deny 'hat is happening in your life9nderstanding that there is only so much you cando in the 'orld to change things

    Develop a fearlessness in facing challenges of lifeRadiate peace and calmness to others

    Esta-lishing EI9"N "/H

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    0" &ERFEC/"ON0 /hose 'ho attain N"R+ N also live here7

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    :7 0el ess Benerosity4Charity;7 8enevolent orality=7 &atient Endurance that di culties in life canAt

    -e changed?7 Energy to change things you can for the -etterJ7 Concentration ( E@uanimity of meditationK7 )isdom insight into e6istence

    )e 'ill see these K &erfections in more detail'hen 'e discuss ahayana 8uddhism andthe &ath of the 8odhisattva7

    0i6 &erfections