0146 APEM 4P GB.qxd:A4 · PDF filein the switch market Standard and customized switches...

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Transcript of 0146 APEM 4P GB.qxd:A4 · PDF filein the switch market Standard and customized switches...

  • APEM develops, manufactures andsupplies a broad range of switchproducts for diversified marketsincluding instrumentation, medical,communications, industrialautomation, avionics, defence andtransport...

    APEMA world of switching capabilities

  • A strong product development capacity and thecontrol of numerous technologies have ensuredAPEMs reputation in the field of switching.

    Our engineering and design departmentsdesign new series and custom products using leading CAD/CAM software (AutoCAD, CATIA,Pro/ENGINEER...).

    From raw material transformation to finishedproducts, APEM controls all phases of primary partproduction: molding, stamping, screw machining,surface treatment, marking and testing. The machi-nes and tooling used for assembly, mounting and wiring are designed and manufactured in-house.

    APEMs technical expertise, switch manufac-turing experience and global footprint ensure arapid response to any switching requirements.

    High technicalexpertise

    APEM, a worldwiderecognizedbrand

    The strong qualityreputation of APEMproducts is confirmed bymany internationalapprovals (UL/CSA,VDE, NF, IECQ-CECC...)and the confidence ofworldwidemanufacturers.

  • The broadest offeringin the switch market

    Standard and customizedswitches

    Toggle, pushbutton, rocker, slide, tact and rotary switches, in-dustrial controls, LED indicators, for panel or PCB... APEM offers the broadest range in the switch market.To meet our customers requirements, our development teamscreate many new options including: different bushing lengths,new lever shapes, special finishes, custom markings, high inten-sity backlighting...

    Professional joysticks

    Easy to operate, reliable and designed for extremely long ser-vice life, APEM joysticks are offered with a wide range ofoptions to satisfy a large variety of requirements. Specific mo-dels are also developed on request.Several series are available, each one based on a different tech-nology: switch joysticks, potentiometer joysticks or contactlessjoysticks. These products are intended for such applications asCCTV cameras, metrology instruments, powered wheel chairs...

    Professional switch panels

    APEM makes custom switch panels for multiple applications,ranging from vending machines to industrial, medical, mili-tary and aeronautical equipment.The range includes membrane switch panels and rubber key-pads, as well as stainless steel keypads and keyboards resistantto harsh environments (extreme climatic conditions, vandalism,stains).Our expertise in varied and complementary technologies allowsus to offer complete custom interfaces incorporating backligh-ting, EMC protection, sealing, specific connections, support, as-sociated electronics...

    Specific productsto customer requirements

    Our engineering expertise and vertical integration have natu-rally led us to develop specific switches and sub-assembliesto customer specifications. From a simple switch to sophistica-ted sub-assemblies integrating several components and func-tions, the array of possibilities is endless!

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    Respect for theenvironment

    APEM plants haveadopted technologiesfavorable to theenvironment, meetingthe prevailingenvironmental rules.All APEM products havebeen RoHS compliantsince 2005.

    Addresses of sales subsidiaries and distributors network on


    A reactive organization and proximity to customers

    Since its creation in 1952, APEM has expanded its reach through organic growth and acquisi-tions, focused on switching technologies. With subsidiaries based in numerous countries,APEM has gained the confidence of international groups and companies. The APEM group sup-plies more than 20,000 customers worldwide.

    Professional teams

    APEMs success is essentially the result of the competence and dedication of its professionalworkforce. APEM employs over 1,200 people.