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  • 1. Exoskeleton for rehabilitation

2. some patients after injuries are doomed to be motion handicapped; people on wheelchairs are lacking some physical abilities and have to stay at home all the time as in prison. Problem: disability new possibilities for fast rehabilitation process after the injury; social adaptation of disabled people and better quality of life. Solution: 3. ExoAtlet is controlled by the signals from the brain, electromyogram and automatically repeats natural pattern of walking High security level of copyright Wide sphere of application: traumatology and orthopedics, neurology, sport medicine, social rehabilitation. 4. Indego (US) Rex (Australia)Rewalk (Israil) ExoAtlet is twice cheaper then foreign similars $110 000 (local price) Estimated cost in Russia $160 000 $50 000 (local price) Estimated cost in Russia $90 000 no offers Estimated cost in Russia $130 000180 000 Ekso bionics (US) Exoatlet $50 000 5. Mechanical treatment market in 2017 levels up to 15 bln RUB Exoatlet 10% market share of the devices for mechanical treatment 6. ExoAtlet will be sold to rehabilitation centers (government procurement) and disabled people (Governmental grant in aid) 7. The leading MDs are working with us on R&D Science Research Institute of Neurosurgery named after N.N. Burdenko All-Russian Centre for Disaster Medicine of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Social Insurance Fund of Russian Federation FMBA (Federal Medical-Biological Agency) 8. 160 mln RUB functioning prototype of search and rescue exoskeleton, working prototype of medical exoskeleton 137 mln RUB I round raised: (20112014) needed: (20152016) II round invite investor and production launch of mass production on Russian Federation territory 2016 2017 preproduction prototypes; preorders serial mass production sales fully functioning prototype 160 000 000 RUB already invested into R&D 9. 2015 - 2016 production of R&D prototype ; biomedical and other tests and trials; certification and development of the production technologies and techniques payroll budget 47 000 000 RUB marketing 30 000 000 RUB expandable materials, equipment, production needs 26 000 000 RUB co-contractor fee, office rent fee, IT 34 000 000 RUB For serial prototype 2 years and 137 000 000 RUB is needed 10. 2016: Start of mass production and attraction of field-oriented investors manufacturers Highly technological and high-margin product will be interesting for Russian production companies 11. Project team means well-known and talented MSU scientists 12. Project team means successful managers Ekaterina Bereziy Founder & CEO Graduated from Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, has practical experience in robotics. MBA Degree. Graduated from Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. Former Business Director of the Artemiy Lebedev Studio (Industrial art) Sales & Marketing Director of KM/H Mikhail Krundyshev Co-founder & Business Development Manager Graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute Has practical experience in leading big projects in the sphere of consumer electronics. Second graduate degree of the Academy of National Economy Former Head of Representative office of BBK Russia 13. The first version of the exoskeleton was created in 2013 for the Ministry of Emergencies and received Golden Medal VI World Complex Security Salon 2013 14. 14 year 2015 working prototypes year 2017 start of sales Ekaterina Bereziy +7 903 728-11-28 k.bereziy@exoatlet.ru www.exoatlet.ru