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NEW ENERGY AUTO SHOW NEW ENERGY AUTO SHOW 4-8 November 2014 Shanghai New International Expo Centre, China www.ciif-expo.com neas.ciif-expo.com International Exhibition for Fuel Efficient Vehicle, New Energy Vehicle, Fuel Efficiency and Emission Reduction, Powertrain, New Energy Auto Part, Charge Equipment, Auto Design

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4-8 November 2014 Shanghai New International Expo Centre, China


International Exhibition for Fuel Efficient Vehicle, New Energy Vehicle,Fuel Efficiency and Emission Reduction, Powertrain, New Energy Auto Part, Charge Equipment, Auto Design

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Organizers of CIIFNational Development and Reform Commission Ministry of Education

Ministry of Commerce Chinese Academy of Science

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Chinese Academy of Engineering

Ministry of Science and Technology China Council for The Promotion of International Trade

Shanghai Municipal People’s Government

Co-organizer of CIIF Show Management of CIIF China Machinery Industry Federation Shanghai East Best & Lansheng International(Group)co.,ltd.

Organizers of NEAS Co-organizers of NEASShanghai East Best & Lansheng International(Group)co.,ltd. CIIF Branch China Electrotechnical Society

Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE-C) China Power Supply Society

German Industry & Commerce

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About NEAS

Under the circumstance of global controlling of vehicle emission (CO2), each government of world is promoting fuel-efficient

vehicle and new energy vehicle to improve the environmental protection, security and practicality of these vehicles. Furthermore,

global authorities are promoting industrialization, marketization and popularization of new energy auto industry as well, and try to

treble the quantity by 2020.

In China, fuel-efficient vehicle and new energy vehicles were mainly used in public transportation. However, in recent years, the

booming of private demand of “green” vehicle and investment of oversea auto manufacturers will spur the development of

fuel-efficient and new energy auto industry. With the effect of further promotion of “green” auto and continuation of subsidies

policies, the domestic quantity of both production and sale is expected to be over 15000.

NEAS 2014 will maximize its influence and attraction to build interactive platform for government, company and market. It is

expected that 200 exhibitors, 100 show cars, and over 100,000 professional visitors will participate NEAS 2014.

/ Big Names

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Product Category


Fuel Efficient Vehicle

Clean diesel vehicles / Clean gasoline vehicles / Hybrid electric vehicle/Energy Conservation Auto which Power of Gasoline Engine is over 50Kw/L and other Energy Conservation Auto

New Energy Vehicle

Electric vehicle/ Fuel cell vehicle / LNG Vehicle /Solar / hydrogen energy vehicle and other new energy vehicle

Fuel Efficiency and Emission Reduction

Fuel efficient and low emission power systems and products /Fuel efficient and low emission car parts and electronics products /Automobile exhaust purifier and after-treatment technologies and equipment /Automobile noise control technologies and products /Exhaust gas recirculation devices and evaporative emission collection devices /Automobile fuel efficient repair technologies and equipment /Automobile fuel efficiency technologies and products /Automobile fuel efficiency, emission reduction, and testing technologies, equipments and products /Vehicle recycling and reuse technologies and equipments /Research institutes, consultant and certification organizations, test facilities for automobile fuel efficiency and emission reduction


Battery/Battery management system/Fuel cell/Hybrid power system/Power-motor/Motion control system/Engine/Inspect and repair equipment

New Energy Auto Part

Condenser/Flywheel/Inverter/Electric heat pump/EPS/Electromagnetic technology/Relative material/Tyre

Charge Equipment

Smart grid charge project/Charge station/Electrical distribution equipment/Park charge equipment/Solar and wind complementary charge equipment/Smart monitor/Charge and battery management system/Power supply solution of charge station/Power energy monitoring system/Transformer/Cable

Auto Design

Full auto design/Auto system design二氧化碳

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Promotion officials from 25 new energy auto demonstration cities

State-owned Key Enterprise, Transportation company, Taxi company, Post & Express companies, Station, Airport, Dock and etc.

College, Science Institute, Design Institute, Research Institute and etc.

Scenic spot, Golf club, Amusement Park , Holiday Village, Neighbourhood and etc.

Related manufacturer, Agent and etc.

Conferences and activities

New product / technology release

Summit on development of China electric auto industry

Battery and Power technology of electric auto forum

Seminar on New Energy and New Vehicle with Innovative - Technology

Conference on electric and hybrid electric auto technology

Summit on development of auto and new energy


Involvements in Purchasing

Institution type of the visitors

Visitors job functions

No Involvement

Decision-Maker/Final Authority


Specifying Requirements

0.0% 5.0% 10.0% 15.0% 20.0% 25.0%

Engineering&QC, 21.26%

Corporate management, 17.66%

Manufacturing, 12.08%

Marketing&Sales, 14.61%

Export&impor t trade, 5.38%

Advertisement&Media, 5.18%

Research&development, 9.38%

Purchasing, 11.94%









Others, 2.50%



System integrator

Design institute&Academy




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For Indoor Raw Spaceall fees of stand mantling are subject to the Exhibitor


For Shell Scheme, these items are free: Standard booth (3m x 3m) one square tablefour folding chairsone fascia boardtwo spotlightsone 220V/800W/10A power supply socketInside-booth carpet


Free service available for exhibitors:Free service for all exhibitors Company name listed on show guide

Company name listed on show preview Free Badge (according to the space of your pavilion)

Free entrance tickets (according to the space of your pavilion) Regular cleaning and security service

Drumbeating service on official website

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/ Concurrent Shows

Nov. 4-8, 2014

Energy Show

Environmental Protection Technology & Equipment Show

Scientific & Technological Innovation Show

Information & Communication Technology Show

Metalworking and CNC Machine Tool Show

Industrial AutomationShow


Show Hours

November 5, 10:00 – 17:00

November 6- 8, 9:00 – 17:00

November 9, 9:30 – 16:00

Construction Dates

November 1-3, 2014

Dismantling Hours

November 8, 16:00 – 20:00

November 9, 9:00 – 18:00

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/ Exhibits Category / New Energy Vehicle

/ Powertrain

/ New Energy Auto Part

/ Charge Equipment

/ Auto Design

/ Company profile/ Private Enterprise / Sino-foreign joint ventures

/ Sino-foreign cooperative enterprise / Foreign-funded enterprise

/ HK, Macau, Taiwan-funded enterprise / Oversea registered enterprise

/ Oversea pavilion / National pavilion

/ Representative office of foreign enterprise / Agency for foreign brand in China

/ Please Reserve

______________________________Standard booths (3m x 3m = 9sqm)

Indoor raw space (minimum 36 sqm)_______sqm (_______m x_______m)

/ Shell Scheme

Standard booth (3m X 3m): one square table, four folding chairs, one fascia board, two spotlights, one 220V/800W/10A power supply socket, Inside-booth

carpet, one lockable cabinet

Indoor Raw Space (minimum 36 sqm): All fees of stand mantling are subject to the Exhibitor

/ Date: / Seal & Signature:

/ Notice:

This application form is just for reference. All clauses shall be subject to signed contract.

We decided to participate in New Energy Auto Show 2014 as exhibitor, which will be held during Nov. 4-8, 2014 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre.We will pay at the charges and abide by the regulations.


/ Company:

/ Address:

/ Postal Code: / Contact Person:

/ Tel: / Mobile:

/ Position: / Fax:

/ E-mail: / Website:

/ Exhibit Article Name:



No.837, Yan’an Road (C) , Shanghai, China, 200040



Contact Person:


Society of Automotive Engineers of China SHANGHAI EAST BEST & LANSHENG INTERNATIONAL (GROUP) CO., LTD.