+ Tikkun Middot @ Bnai Keshet. + Seder: 5774 Application and Program constructed with lay leaders...

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+ Tikkun Middot @ Bnai Keshet
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Transcript of + Tikkun Middot @ Bnai Keshet. + Seder: 5774 Application and Program constructed with lay leaders...

Tikkun Middot @ Bnai Keshet

Tikkun Middot @ Bnai Keshet

+Seder: 5774Application and Program constructed with lay leadersFirst Vaad Was By Invitation: Interested Seekers & Representing Multiple Cohorts and Circles at BK. Included past, current and incoming Presidents.Co-Facilitated by Beth Sandweiss JMTT and Rabbi Elliott Tepperman Signing on to initial vaad meant commitment to practice and to help with implementation for the synagogue.+Seder: 5775Rosh Hashanah Sermon on Israel & HitlamdutDevarlettes On PracticePersonal Invitations to Specific CohortsOpen Classes on Hitlamdut & Behira Points+Seder: 5775Mondays 6-7:45 PM Rabbi Elliott & 2 Vaad GradsMondays 8-9:45 PMRabbi Ariann & 1 Vaad GradWed. 8-9:45 PM Beth Sandweiss & 1 Vaad Grad60 Members Enrolled in Vaads 20% of householdsInitial Vaad taking on leadership roles

3 New Vaads Launched+SederPresenting Texts and PacketsLetters describing the terms, practices and technologies+Hesed

Widening the Circle+Banners are placed in the lobby and in front of the building

+HesedEmails to entire congregation with short writings by Vaad membersDivrey Torah ShabbatTeachings at Board & Committee MeetingsSaturday Morning Drop In Once a month 30-40 people half from Vaads and half not.+Congregant and Vaad Leader Nancy Star reflecting on the instruction is to pick a small routine practice from which to learn each day. Sent to congregation as intro to Hitlamdut material.Day One:I waste a minute or so trying to come up with a more creative idea for what practice to notice and then I decide, brushing teeth is perfect. Its so hard to remember to practice something, and since I do brush my teeth every morning I am optimistic that I will be able train myself for one week to remember to pay attention tothat. And, Wow: This is how I brush my teeth? I have a sense of awe. I was completely unaware at the pace and the harshness of my brushing. There is no way my teeth need to be brushed this hard. Its as if Im trying to brush them down to stubs. And why so fast? Is there an emergency I have to get to? This is not only unnecessary. Its counterproductive. My dentist would no be pleased. But good that I noticed. Okay, now Im slowing down. Im softening my grip. Im brushing softly. And slowly. Wow again! My teeth are just as clean. My teeth are clean and probably much happier now that I am not brushing them as if I was at war with them. And the bonus? Its a more pleasant experience. What an improvement. Im surprised it feels so good to brush teeth gently. I had no idea. Ive been paying attention for less than a minute and look: its paid off! Already I see how my rote behavior was not doing me any good.Then, third Wow: I suddenly see brushing teeth is a metaphor. Because, yes, sometimes its necessary to move fast and be harsh (sometimes you have to brush hard to get the stuck food out). But what about all the times itsnotnecessary. What about when Im harsh for no reason other than thats my habit. What if Im harsh just because Im not paying any attention. Imagine, I think, what it would be like to live life more gently. Imagine if the attention I gave to people was more gentle, slower, kinder. My guess is I could still accomplish everything I need to, and, as a wonderful bonus, it would be more pleasant. I feel wise to have figured this out on Day One.Day Two:I am brushing my teeth and I remember to pay attention and then I remember that yesterday when I paid attention I had an epiphany. I recall that epiphany and play it through my mind again, how I connected brushing teeth with life. I really like that epiphany. I think its a good one. I want to share it. I start to think about sharing it. I am feeling kind of good. Until I notice, I am not paying any attention at all to brushing my teeth. This practice is supposed to be about learning something from a routine practice but Im pretty sure the intention is not to learn one thing and then stop paying attention all together. Im giving all my attention to my epiphany of yesterday and my teeth are, once again, completely ignored. For all I know I have no teeth.I am humbled and feel very human.

HitlamdutCultivating InterestMeditation MinyanYears of Micro-Retreats55 participants ElulShabbat SitsShabbat Chanting Introduction to Meditation Classes+HitlamdutBet Midrash Staff

Mindfulness with Students+KabbalotOne practice technology per classAnavah: Hevruta Study PartnersSavlanut: Heshbon JournalingHesed: Blessing and Metta PracticeBitachon: HitbodedutBreathing Meditation TBDEmunah - Insight Dialogue

+12Kabbalot: Insight Dialogue

Pause Relax Open establishes the mind state for being fully present in the mutual, emergent moment. IN this aware moment, we communicate; we Listen Deeply and we Speak the Truth. Our fifth meditation instruction focuses on Listen Deeply. Link to Insight Dialogue Description3 Parts1) Speaker responds to question or shares experience. Listener paying attention not only to words but to pitch, tone, body language and other underlying meaning2) Listener reflects back what they heard and the perceived meaning 3) Speaker responds to how it feels to receive this feedback+What were your concerns about having couples in the VAAD13Behira PointsWhat to do with Vaad 1 many ready to continue and bondedPlanning Next Year With Lay FacilitatorPart 2 ClassLay Facilitators Leading New Vaad(s)+Behira PointsAllowing Couples in ClassesConsidering Couples Only or Other Themed Vaads