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Transcript of  Theory of Multiple Intelligences Multiple Intelligences.

Chapter 9 Teaching Diverse Learners

Chapter 9Teaching Diverse LearnersOne of the biggest concerns today is how to help ALL students learn, not just most.

Three Learning Styles

Three Learning Styles

VisualAuditoryKinesthetic-TactileHoward GardnerTheory of Multiple Intelligences

Multiple IntelligencesBenefits of Tapping Individual Learning strengthsUnderstand student potentialUse varied teaching techniquesAllow more student choiceHelp individual learnersHelp all learners

Two Groups of Exceptional learnersGifted and talentedLearners with special needs

Gifted and TalentedGifted those who excel academicallyTalented those who have an outstanding skill in other areas, such as music, art, theater, dance

Ways to Support Gifted and TalentedProvide in-class enrichmentUse self-paced learningSkip a gradeAttend special schoolProvide pull-out programsParticipate in extracurricular programsTake advanced classes

Special needs learnersStudents with physical, mental, social, or behavioral challenges that impact learningStudents with speech, vision, and hearing disorders.

Special Needs LearnersLearners with special needs must have an Individualized Education Program or IEP.IEPGoal is to provide the least restrictive, most effective learning environmentDescribes the students level of performanceDescribes how the childs disability affects academic performanceSets academic goals and objectivesDescribes specific accommodations or modifications to the environment, learning strategies, or materials

Methods to meet needs of Students with disabilitiesMainstreamingInclusionSpecial education classes

Cultural diversity in the US comes from the fact that people with different backgrounds, languages, races, and religions have come together to form one society.

Diversity can enrich learning by listening to different ideas and opinions, learning to understand others, and trying new experiences.

Programs to help English Language LearnersBilingual programs, which teach all classes in two languagesPull-out English as a Second Language (ESL) programs that focus on teaching English

Teacher can help ELL by:Using several methods to teach conceptsSpeak clearlyPrint assignmentsSummarizeDemonstrateAllow students to work in groupsProvide study guidesWork with expertsTeachers can meet the needs of diverse learners by:Believing in the students potentialLearning about the students as individualsPlanning their teaching to target a wide range of studentsUsing differentiated instruction

Differentiated Instruction20