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  • 1. WHO ARE CARTESIANS?The Carthusian Order, also called the Order of Saint Bruno, is a Roman Catholicreligious order of enclosed monastics. The order was founded by Saint Bruno ofCologne in 1084 B.C. The name Carthusian is derived from the ChartreuseMountains in France.From the end of XII to the end of XIV century Carthusian monasteries werelocated throughout Europe, from Ireland to Poland.The emergence of the Cartesians in Belarus is connected with the name of CasimirLeon Sapieha.

2. In 1646 the Cartesians from Gdansk sent a letter toKazimir Leon Sapieha.In 1648, the Sapiehas proposal was approved byGeneral Chapter of the Order of Cartesians.Over the years 1648 -1689 monastery complex wasbuilt, which cost 300,000 chervonets (which wasequal to 1 ton of gold). 3. MONASTERY OF ST. BERNARD IN THE ALPS 4. GENERAL PLAN OF THE MONASTERY COMPLEX 5. Measurement drawing of the side of building. 1831 Measurement drawing of the front faade. 1831 6. The monastery was closed in August 28, 1831.Monastery church was converted into a parish.The possession of the monastery were placed under royal control.The confiscated property of the monastery, totaled 8,847,777rublesIn 1832, the monastery buildings were handed over to the militaryauthorities.In 1866 the part of building was disassembled and sold asbuilding material. 7. The ruins of the Church ofSt. Corpus 8. Sapieha Palace 9. AIRVIEW 10. Model of restored gates