ï‚– ï‚™ Demands ï‚– North- manpower, industrial,...

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Slide 2 Demands North- manpower, industrial, merchant marine South- Defend, friendly population, knew land Concept of Total War Slide 3 Lincoln Low experience-great politician, good judge of people Follow Anaconda plan Blockades and cut off like an anaconda Suspended writ of habeas corpus Suppress influence of confederacy Davis Educated-stubborn, total control leadership Slide 4 Lincoln first year-states problem Crittenden Resolution- war fought to defend and maintain constitution (Jacksonian) and preserve union Revoked 5months later Confiscation act- slave confederates be free in union hands 2 nd confiscation act- slaves of anyone would be freed if in Federal custody Lincoln still pushed for gradual emancipation Emancipation Proclamation Slide 5 Why emancipate? Confident boarder states would stay Weaken confederate military Make it an issue of freedom Proclamation All slaves freed unless seceded states return by Jan. 1 1863 Put in place excluded union slave states, those under union control, TN Felt no right to apply to these not in rebellion Slide 6 Europe backs Union Redefined the war not to save the union but to create a new nation Slavery disintegrated- challenge white authority Life was difficult for freedmen Refugee Contraband caps Military employment Plantation life returns for many Reaction to Emancipation Proclamation Slide 7 New economy Prices increase Cotton decreases, grain and livestock increase Biggest problem is food My mind on my money and my money on my mind Taxation and impressment Inflation Conscription Law Davis Suspends writ of habeas corpus Martial Law Confederate Home Front Slide 8 Economy Income taxes, tariffs, excise fees, bonds Economy boomed but wages decreased Corruption and fraud- take advantage of govt. contracts Opportunities open for women Lincoln Suspension of writ of habeas corpus Expanded power Ex parte Milligan Drafting- issue of substitutes and commutation fee Union Home Front Slide 9 Morals decline- prostitution, drinking, gambling Rich mans war poor mans fight Both Slide 10 Volunteers- rid slavery, fight, defend North or South Camp life Strict- routine Disease, lack of medical care Decline in morals/push for religious peace Change in battle- technology (musket to rifle) Effect of total war on human mind Soldier life Slide 11 1863- confederate lose at Gettysburg and Vicksburg Grant success at Anaconda Plan through Sherman Shermans capture of Atlanta help Lincoln's re-election Lincoln's Election 1864 Clear fight would continue until reunion and abolition of slavery 13 th amendment Davis tries to abolish slavery for recognition from G.B. South civilian moral dives Surrender at Appomattox April 4 th 1865 Defeat of Confederacy Slide 12 Death toll Southern wealth lost Stimulated industrialism-creates national industries Politically- increased federal government power Dems loose influence Jacksonian view of INDIVISIBLE Nation Spiritual cost Sectional bitterness Tolerance of corruption Decrease in morals- focus on science, order, materialism Impact of war