,-.>A cloud, it is worth reading what Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said about the cloud. Keep in mind...

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Transcript of ,-.>A cloud, it is worth reading what Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said about the cloud. Keep in mind...

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    FEATURES 42 Understanding AVCHD

    The codec differs from H.264/AVC in several important ways.

    48 Production workflows Smaller broadcasters have different needs than their larger counterparts.


    12 Audio-visual archives As other options become available, tape may not make the cut.

    FCC UPDATE 16 TV -51 under attack

    The wireless industry's wish was granted as the FCC froze applications and changes to Channel 51.


    18 Interactive systems The upcoming ATSC NRT standard delivers content in advance of use.

    COMPUTERS & NETWORKS 22 Networked media

    Storage and usage are almost completely disconnected.

    PRODUCTION ROOM 24 In -stadium entertainment

    Vendors and venues find revenue in equipping sports arenas for HD production.

    (m tinucef on page 6

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    ON THE COVER: AVCHD, developed jointly by Panasonic and Sony, is a proprietary version of H.264/AVC. Specifically, AVCHD employs both the H.264 Main Profile and High Profile. Thus, althouch it is marketed as a single codec, it uses a pair of codec profiles.

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    28 BXF explained The new, open SMPTE schema standard levels the playing field for manufacturers.

    SHOWCASE 36 In -game experience

    Oregon's Matthew Knight Arena boasts HD production technology.


    52 Openet SDM software

    61 Signiant CSCM software

    FIELD REPORTS 54 T-VIPS's IP transport

    58 Plura monitors

    TECHNOLOGY IN TRANSITION 63 Video processing

    GPUs could make advanced graphics attainable by all.

    NEW PRODUCTS 65 Harmonic's Electra 9000 video

    encoder and more ...



    JUST THE FACTS! After 10 months of anxious waiting, the FCC's net neutrality rules have finally been published in the Federal Register. The rules are set to take effect on Nov. 20. However, it's expected that Verizon and MetroPCS will challenge the rules in court. Earlier cases from Verizon and MetroPCS were tossed out of court because the rules hadn't been finalized.

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    6 broadcastengineering.com I October 2011

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    Do we need the cloud?

    If I rated technical topics by the number of press re- leases received, cloud storage would be number one. Not a day goes by when I don't receive at least several press releases about new vendors, products or no-

    tices of webcasts or seminars about cloud storage. Today, I received a press release titled, "Cloud on a USB stick."

    But the question readers continue to ask me is, "What does cloud storage have to do with broadcast and production ap- plications?" That is a more difficult question to answer.

    In looking for help, an hour on the Web merely left me more confused than before. One vendor offered 10 reasons to use cloud for backup. Another white paper suggested there are three types of clouds: private, public and hybrid. There were also many papers appearing to want to scare one off from the technology with titles like, "Cloud Appli- cation Deployment: 10 Deadly Sins." I also discovered the hybrid cloud, the rich cloud and the virtual cloud.

    The recent IBC convention should have provided some guidance, right? Nope. While some of the convention's technical papers mentioned the cloud, I did not visit a single vendor claiming to offer cloud storage as an end product. That may not be so surprising as broadcasters are about as risk adverse and anyone.

    Cloud technology is a huge business. Amazon operates the world's largest cloud -based service provider, the EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), which is said to use 40,000 serv- ers. It generated $500 million last year, and some believe it

    will hit $1 billion in reven